AR-15 Ghost Gun Lower Receiver Is Pure Win

Aero Precision is quick on their feet, and clever as _ _ _ _:


Remember California State Senator Kevin de Leon’s comments where he coined the stupid term “ghost guns”?  Well Tacoma, Washington’s own Aero Precision is no doubt heading straight to the bank (haaaa ha ha ha ha haaaa ha ha ha ha haaaa) on a daily basis after coming up with the above AR-15 lower receiver.

Everything about that receiver is pure win.  Democrat safe position… .30 caliber clip fire, and /Half Sec auto LOL.  So Operator.

$105 over at Aero Precision.


16 responses to “AR-15 Ghost Gun Lower Receiver Is Pure Win”

  1. That is the engine right there! Good thing it has a serial number so it can’t be used in a crime.

  2. But is it truly a ghost AR-15 if you can see it?

  3. the only way they could have had any more win in this lower was if they made it an 80%

  4. Ok,ok, ok, i think i figured it out. Being an occasional lurker at forums (when I was yet a Californian) I saw them reference ghost guns. They’re printed guns (ghost because they go through metal detectors) or they’re 80% guns that are finished by the owner and not serialized. Either way, the gun De Leon held up was no printed gun and if it was, I’d love to see him fire 30 rounds at the normal rate of fire.

  5. Enfieldem2 Avatar

    Ooh I really really want this! With one of those bump fire triggers and a belt feed upper.

    1. I could not agree more!

  6. Man this whole ghost gun thing is incredible, this lower receiver is hilarious…but I had a thought. You know eventually, some scared housewife or gullible uneducated citizen sees the original speech and gets scared, hops online, googles “ghost gun” in fear, sees this lower and says….”oh god honey its real”

    1. bandroidx Avatar

      LOL, all the sheeple needed was his speech, they were already sold.

  7. So where do I buy my .30 caliber rounds. Are then next to the .308’s?

    1. Its called a 300 blk out

  8. omg…am I the only one ascared of ghost guns?

  9. Eric Lee Avatar

    Conveniently enough, I would see this receiver and the parody video right before I do my tax return…..FML I’m buying two

  10. HouHef45 Avatar

    Want one, scratch that want two. One for the shelf, one for the haters.

  11. Sell some to those Supernatural boys, Sam and Dean. They need to kill ghosts all the time!

    1. LMAO right on :::

  12. arizonanative Avatar

    wow im gald im not a CRIMINAL FELON. and have the right to buy one of these as long as it isnt made in a GARAGE or RUN THROUGH A DRILL PRESS BIT with no serial number on the right side of the engine.