Piers Morgan V.S. Florida Sheriff About Lone Survivor Popcorn Shooting

ENDO blog reader Piers Morgan gets into it:

If you haven’t ready the story, catch up over at the New York Post.

2:12 – Piers Morgan gets to the demonizing of guns, and the sheriff shuts him down.

“If we can deal with the mental health and substance abuse we will be much safer as a country” -Sheriff Chris Nocco <—- CHURCH

3:08 – “You don’t feel as a sheriff on the ground there should be any changes to gun laws?” then the sheriff shuts him down again reiterating the same mental health thing.


3:50 – Piers has a problem with law enforcement saying “it’s never the gun”

Piers states some more facts… sheriff drops some more knowledge… Piers loses, gets irritated and has nothing left to say so he ends the interview.



12 responses to “Piers Morgan V.S. Florida Sheriff About Lone Survivor Popcorn Shooting”

  1. I thought I would watch this one because it sounded interesting. Got less than a second into it and realized it still has Piers Morgan in it and paused it. I’m not sensationalizing anything, that’s exactly how it went down.

    Thanks for the breakdown, at least I know what happened. Piers Morgan is a cunt.

    1. elephantrider Avatar

      “But sirrrrrr!” What a cunt indeed. Fake outrage all the time. Must be playing to the eternally butthurt pussy TV audience.

  2. I am putting in an application for that department. That’s a guy I want to work for.

  3. If you can’t take more than a few seconds of video of Morgan talking before pressure testing your blood vessels, it’s a bit easier to read the transcript.

  4. I wonder if Piers gets tired of getting his ass handed to him on TV every night.

  5. What is this guy (Piers Morgan) doing in our country? He needs to go back to England and let his government watch everything he does on the thousands of camera’s they have watching every step you take. Thank God that we still have Sheriff’s that know the truth about whats going on in the USA.

    1. elephantrider Avatar

      Piers can’t go back to England. He basically got run out of the country after the Murdoch wire tapping scandal. He sold a bunch of other people out to save his own ass since he was neck deep in it as well. He should have gone to jail, is wildly unpopular, and his career was over in his home country. This is the reason he suddenly showed up here and started out by being on the Celebrity Apprentice. Thus he is such a cunt he got run out of town and can’t go home.

  6. Jonathan Avatar

    Seriously who watches this d-bags show. I think he has won more people to the gun through his pompous clowning than he has scared away.

  7. Can we nominate Sheriff Chris Nocco to be the next Florida governor?

  8. We don’t call him Piers Moron in the UK for nothing you know. Please keep him, we don’t want him back. :P

    1. What do yo mean? Don’t you have a trash removal for him? How about scut removal at the London zoo?

      1. I am sure the longer he stays in the states, the more likely people will be more ready to defend the Second Amendment and the more likely Piers might fly back surrounded by wood.