Kirsten Weiss Counter-Drive-By-Shooting Practice

KJW goes into beast mode and engages an RC monster truck from the top of some type of shady looking berm. Then shit gets REAL:

1:12 – Kirsten is so good she actually meant to fuck that wheel up on shot #1.  That wasn’t a mistake oh no sir.

1:18 – Standard warning shot.  She did the wheel dirty on shot #1 and let them know that the next shot would be a kill shot.

1:24 – DONE.  The driver is dead.  Shot #4 was for the gunman in the front seat.

I feel like that RC car could have had a jar of binary explosives in it to spice that segment up a bit.


2:03 – Kirsten really has no love for RC vehicles today.  There goes a couple hundred dollars worth in under 2 minutes.

2:28 – Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit… a real CHOPPAH!  Shoot the tail rotor Kirsten, I hear that’s what works!  Oh wait, it’s a friendly I guess.

Kirsten-Weiss-Shooting3:13 – Those fools from the East side that were slippin got what they deserved.

Damn she really stepped her game up on this video.  I was getting bored of those standard trick shot vids where we couldn’t even see the hits.



10 responses to “Kirsten Weiss Counter-Drive-By-Shooting Practice”

  1. Doing all this with heels. So classy!

  2. Seriously, such a wardrobe master she is. It’s nice to see a pretty face on shooting channels like hers – and no fake russian accent (btw, where is that guy?). However, now she’s going to have to continue to be creative to one-up herself each time. I see that as a problem in youtube business eventually get to the point where you’ve done about everything and go stagnant like Richard Ryan is getting – det cord christmas race anyone? FPS got there too way back with the honey badger and helicopter shooting. Anyway, keep it up sister!

    1. FPS Russia just posted a vid yesterday that was on gunwire. First one in a long time. Fees were playing with him I think.

    2. Pretty face? Who cares, at least she doesn’t wear shorts or low cut clothes like some two-bit floozy.

      1. Amen to that.

  3. Ticks all the boxes.

    I smiled at “shoot the tail rotor,” I laughed out loud at “Oh wait, it’s a friendly I guess.” Well done.

  4. Chris Costa’s daughter separated at birth

  5. “see the hits”? Was that a typo?

  6. tincankilla Avatar

    i feel so conflicted. on the one hand, she’s clearly awesome and i want to show her due respect. on the other, i just want the camera to focus on her butt for 4 min.