Aaron Weiss’ 2nd Amendment Speech Smackdown

I’m always in the mood for a good pro 2A speech:

American-FlagFrom last year but still relevant.  Glad there are people who stand up and eloquently say something.  Good work Aaron.


Hat tip: Denis


4 responses to “Aaron Weiss’ 2nd Amendment Speech Smackdown”

  1. I’m a Disabled Combat Veteran. I could not have said it any better than Mr. Aaron Weiss. I to am sick of all you belly aching ass wads that want to hide in the shadows of the dead to pass your so called “BULLSHIT”. Right here in front of God and everyone I just want to say. God forbidding but should someone ever break into your home to have there way with you and your family and your forced to watch your wife and kids be raped and then murdered at the hands of a mad men. I want you to think back at the “BULLSHIT” that YOU supported and YOU helped passed into law before it’s your turn. Just like our Constitution “The Bill Of Rights” wasn’t just written for no good reason.

    Shannon Miller

  2. I’d like to see him say the same thing in front of a joint session of congress they next time they bring up new gun laws.

    1. Infantry_Steve Avatar

      I would gladly throw $20 down towards his travel expenses.

  3. If you all can make that trip happen as living on SSI is very hard to do. I would gladly go and voice my opinions. But One mans views aren’t going to change anything. It’s going to take EVERYONE OF US UNIGHTING TOGETHER AS ONE to the tyrants that are playing games with us all. It’s just like in grade school again. You remember the play ground bully that prayed on the weak and scared until one day everyone stood up and UNIGHTED TOGETHER AS ONE AND KICKED THE BULLIES ASS ON THE PLAY GROUND. I remember the play ground Teacher seeing what we were doing and she turned her back to us so we could continue pounding his ass just a bit more. Let us all unight together once again and send whatever we can to the NRA so that they can better defend our freedom as well as our 2nd. Amendment right, letting the tyrants know there day is today and the “BULLSHIT” stops here NOW. Lets right in the memo “EVERYDAY NO DAYS OFF/AARON WEISS”

    Shannon Miller