Putting A Loaded Glock 19 In A Microwave

Demolition Ranch with some of his classic redneck science:

Demolition-Ranch-ENDO-HatAck a G19 even… what a waste of the best gun ever made!  He should have just filled the microwave with Hi-Points instead for more lulz.  Oh well at least he can use the slide of the G19 still after swapping out some of the melted components.



4 responses to “Putting A Loaded Glock 19 In A Microwave”

  1. Tao Fleder Maus Avatar
    Tao Fleder Maus

    When you spend a lot of money to make a video, there’s no guarantee it will be epic and/or go viral. Ask anyone, it’s always the stupid videos that they never expected to do well that go viral.

    A $500 Glock and a $500 Gopro that was nuked is a big gamble. Hopefully over time he will break even.

  2. Olly Lyon Avatar
    Olly Lyon

    On the idea of reusing the slide or any of the metal components, it’s probably not a good idea. I’m not sure of their manufacturing process but the metal is probably tempered very specifically during production. It looked like it got pretty hot in that microwave, so the metal would have possibly lost it’s temper. This could have the effect of making it very brittle or maybe very soft, neither of which would be good in a pistol slide. Just a thought

  3. triggernoob Avatar

    Why did the brass not eject after he fired the shot in the beginning of the video?

  4. SurfnTurf Avatar

    Another YouTube idiot!