The Aftermath – PWS

Not sure if post-Apocalypse or current day Detroit:

I know Detroit isn’t mountainous, but I’m assuming those could be piles of garbage and composting human remains.

1:21 – Oooo yeah.  That’s a pro-tip if I’ve ever seen one.

Not one of PWS’ best videos, but hey it’s gun related content for free and looks like it may be continued… so I’ll take what I can get.  P.S. Sweet keyhole pattern on the quadrail brAh.

PWS-Tactical-Hand-Guard-LengthenerOnly a couple more days until Half Cocked (their much anticipated cartoon) debuts… I’m pretty pumped.



13 responses to “The Aftermath – PWS”

  1. He chambered a round after he started hearing gunfire? You’re walking around Detroit without a round chambered?? What next? Your glock makes a cocking sound when you point it at someone?

    1. Maybe FreddieW was a co-director.

  2. All that work to make a fire only to kick it out. With ammo prices they way they are, he should have invested in a backup disposable lighter. I hope he saved that brass. It still has a useful primer in it.

  3. thatturahguy Avatar

    Best tinder I’ve found is the natural fiber baler twine. Cut a 4″ piece, pull it apart, and form a loose ball. Touch a match- even a paper one- and you’ve got a good strong flame. I wouldn’t waste a cartridge as in the video.

    1. Werewolf1021 Avatar

      Dryer lint is the probably my favorite because its free and lights extremely easy. Keep a bunch of it in an older prescription bottle to keep it dry and allow it to float in water.

  4. Starvinpilgrim Avatar

    Funny how his lighter actually had flame when the powder was light. 1:28 slow mo

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      PWS THINKS THEY CAN FOOL US HUH?! haha good catch.

  5. He should have caught his pants on fire so he could take that hard earned flame with him as he took off. Now see? THAT is thinking right there.

  6. If I’m in mountainous terrain, and its snowing, the first survival step I’m going to take is zip up my jacket.

    1. dogxhead Avatar


  7. I would generally enter a close quarters environment with my weapon shouldered instead of slinging it to do so, but i only operate operationarily on the interweb.

  8. SittingDown Avatar

    Cleanest gear ever to survive an apocalypse. LOL

  9. Mike Wilburt Avatar
    Mike Wilburt

    The choice of that telescopic sight does surprise me.
    After seeing a few TV segments about the companies hired to provide arms for movies and TV, they serve as technical advisors as well as prop providers.
    They DO respond to the desires of the director’s vision, but it would seem to me that if the director wanted a big scope on the rifle, the armorers would have equipped Gossling’s gun with some big beer can-sized red dot site.
    That would not only look nasty, it would be more technically accurate.