Yawn Another Obama Shooting Target

This is how to have a conversation with the Secret Service:


Specialized Targets makes the above re-useable spray paint stencil targets for $20.  Doing stuff like this for shock value is soooooo classy. *smh*

The best part is in the description “Patent Pending”.… LOL like what type of proprietary technology does this stencil have in it that you can PATENT it?  I’m sure the government run USPTO will be more than happy to expedite that application due to the importance of it for humankind.

I really don’t get the point of doing something like this.  Is this supposed to be edgy?  Funny?   I guess we’ll never know, because the person who registered the domain name used some type of privacy service.  THAT STUFF IS UNTRACEABLE GUIZSSEE. *eye roll*.  Oh well this guy is still less of an idiot than the Bleeding Zombie Obama Target guys… and pretty much tied with the Trayvon “Saint Skittles” Martin target guy.

To top top things off, the idiot who emailed me about them “Ben McKee” tried to make it sound like he “just found” these targets… “they certainly are interesting” he says.  Yea smooth move Ben… maybe if your email address didn’t have “specializedtargets” in it I would have fell for it.  Oh well, due to the sheer retardation of the subject matter, you got your free post about it… congrats.



17 responses to “Yawn Another Obama Shooting Target”

  1. triggernoob Avatar

    Kinda looks like Nicolas Cage.

  2. Haha! Can’t believe he didn’t use a different email. Classic Fail.

    1. Pure gold.

      1. Lmao !! This stencil dude is a genius!

  3. Looks like Lee Harvey Oswald.

  4. SittingDown Avatar

    Fred Astaire. LOL

  5. Why does he have a mustache for a mouth?

    1. he is a hipster.

  6. ninjavitis Avatar

    As I understand it, you can’t copyright a silhouette image.

    1. Maybe patent cover the aluminium stencil production process.

  7. and remember folks, If you like your group, you can keep your group.

  8. It looks like HP Lovecraft. Why would the Secret Service be concerned over a silhouette target of HP Lovecraft? And why would anyone want to shoot a author dead more than 50 years? ^_^

  9. SittingDown Avatar

    New way to make targets for the cost of ink and paper: A Printer.

    More earth-shattering tips to come.

  10. I thought this blog was Everyday?
    More like “EveryDayWhenIFeelLikeIt”

    Maybe you need to start hiring people to ship your shirts. ;)

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha yea. I haven’t shipped my shirts for years! Too much other stuff going on.

      Happy New Year Frank! I should be back at it next week.

      1. And Happy New Year to you, from the middle east. :)

  11. mike, dont tell me you actually like/voted for this joke of a “leader”… legit question just askin not trying to start a shit storm… just simple question.