Engraved Guns

A picture slideshow… this is legit:

Set to the backdrop of Metallica – Unforgiven.  If engraved guns offend you, then I suppose that is a fitting audio track.

I expressed my interest in engraved guns in the past.  I’ll definitely pick up an engraved Glock someday just because.  If you have some play money, and your don’t at least have one gun in your collection that resembles something a cartel boss would own then you’re not living.

LOL the hunting rifle with a falcon engraved on the receiver… topped off with the talon / sphere bolt handle and nob.  That’s mint.


Hat tip: Krystian


6 responses to “Engraved Guns”

  1. I appreciate the work and effort and attention to detail that went into all these, but…

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a modern pistol engraved and/or inlaid that I thought looked anything but stupid.

    The rifles and shotguns starting around 2:35 look amazing, and I’d give up a firstborn for that H&H at 2:43, but GLOCK-brand GLOCKs, 1911s, and even Lugers? Nah, I just think they look stupid.

    The only other place that I think engraving looks good is on old revolvers. The top gun at 3:09 looks ok, but the snubbie at the bottom still seems silly to me. The fully engraved and inlaid revolver (SAA?) at 3:17 is fantastic, but it’s clearly a presentation piece, so over the top is the name of the game, but then the one right after it at 3:22 and we’re back in “OMG that’s ugly”-land.

    Less is definitely better when it comes to engraving on 1911s, I think. Two back to back at 3:33 and 3:38, the second one, where the engraving just accents the gun, is pretty OK.

    Engraved MP5 at 4:05? Are you a Saudi prince? No? Then just use it once, to shoot yourself.

    Old guns generally look really, really good all tatted up. Several scattered all through here, but the one at 4:44 is really nice.

    Generally the newer the gun, the sillier it looks all engraved, in my opinion. Except for nice shotguns and double rifles; they can be new, but then, even if they were built yesterday they look no different from something built 100 years ago.

  2. If you don’t think the Ruger MKII at 1:25 is awesome, then I don’t know if you are breathing
    1:44- Engraved Makarov! A study in contrasts- commie gun with gold for the wealthy.
    2:16- Makes me want to get a Han Solo Blaster replica and give it the Mexican Cartel treatment
    3:11- Tiffany engraved N-Frame? Yes, please!
    5:10- A horsey!
    5:30- Color Case hardening on anything NOT an SAA just looks mottled. On an AR-10 or 1911 it looks like graffiti
    5:50- “The Most Expensive hunting rifle” Saw this on the web earlier. No Sights, no scope mounting provision. Bro, do you even aim?

    1. Enjoyed your comments, but I must not be breathing. The Ruger still gets a resounding (but still apathetic) “meh” from me. Is it weird that I thought the same thing at 5:10?

  3. cottewmitch Avatar

    Some were awesome. Some were horrible. Some were hilarious. Thus, worth watching.

  4. SittingDown Avatar

    “LOL the hunting rifle with a falcon engraved on the receiver… topped off with the talon / sphere bolt handle and nob. That’s mint.”

    Would operate with.

  5. Freedom McSpanglewings Avatar
    Freedom McSpanglewings

    Dat Hi-Power @ 0:27. I want it so bad it hurts, because what better to have in a leather shoulder holster as I strut around in a $5000 suit.