Custom Homemade Shotgun Shells And Witty Catchphrases

Demolition Ranch and his crew have some fun:

The hilarity of using some of those for home defense would be amazing.  I’d love to be a doctor at an Emergency Room when some guy comes in with a Double Bubble or a Skittles wound… that would be classic.

Demolition-Ranch-ENDO-HatHomemade shotgun shells definitely seemed to be the “in” thing to do in 2013.  I’m not mad at it though.



4 responses to “Custom Homemade Shotgun Shells And Witty Catchphrases”

  1. Well could you imagine the doctor digging change out of the wound.

    And I wonder what rock salt would do?

  2. need blooper vids with the chicks. ideally in shorts.

  3. The wood screws and razor blades would be a weird thing to explain to a doctor.

    1. Well the skittles and Reese’s Pieces penetrated as well. I wonder what the caliber would be?