Range Time With Cory & Erika – Blooper Reel #2

Cory & Erika keeping it real on the reel:

Cory-And-Erika-ENDOA follow up video to their first blooper reel.

How they ever get any work done around there with Erika’s shenanigans I’ll never know.  That’s the way it should be though… work sucks.



10 responses to “Range Time With Cory & Erika – Blooper Reel #2”

  1. This was so annoying

  2. Oh, so its Cory that has the beard. I have been getting them reversed all this time.

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      It’s best to use my method: The oompa loompa valley girl is the wife, the professional drummer mimicking Chris Costco is the husband. Their future company will be called “Out of Range, Lack of Time” with Cory and Erika. ;)

  3. oompa oompa doompity doo
    i like to carry a pink glock or two
    Oompa loompa doompety dee
    i open carry them both when i buy a pastry

    what do you get when you come to the midwest
    some second hand shooting info
    and a bulletproof vest

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      Oompa oompa doompity doo
      Yeager taught us how to run our school
      Maybe the birth of a child will help too
      Oompa oompa doompity dee doo
      Tiny shorts and tattoos may work to improve
      Our ability to reach out to Honey Boo Boo
      through Youtube we’ll seek the financial gain
      to continue to fund our ability to train

      Oompa loompah doompity doo
      With only a few years of experience to boot
      Cory and Erika think they can teach SWAT to shoot
      No skills at being…..a mother and a father
      Child better off being raised by toddlers
      Taught to speak with a monotonous tone
      Could almost grow up to be Alicia Silverstone

      Oompa loompa oompa loompa doompity doo
      *kkksshhhh* (robot voice) marathon) (end robot voice)

  4. What a waste of two minutes. That was all I could stand.

  5. Her getting all pissed when he said he’d shoot her if she was a zombie was hilarious.

    More importantly let’s hope David Bowie never see this.

  6. this guy is the absolute definition of wannabe poser.