60 Minutes Interview With Marcus Luttrell

Part 1:

Part 2:

Interesting guy, interesting story.  Definitely worth watching if you have a spare 25 minutes.

There is a new-ish trailer I had not seen out for the movie Lone Survivor as well:

Lone-Survivor-PosterLooks like it should be pretty good.  I know there was a lot of initial hate because Marky Mark is playing him.



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  1. They did a sneak preview of this movie this past sunday on the Navy base where I work. It was heartbreaking. The ending put tears in my eyes. It’s impossible not to.

  2. I think Marky Mark’s actually a pretty good actor, and don’t really understand the hate. He does a pretty good job of disappearing into whatever role he’s playing, and making you forget you’re watching Marky Mark. I contrast that with Denzel, or Pacino, both of whom are good actors, but you’re never in any doubt that you’re watching Denzel, or Pacino. You know exactly, going in, what Denzel’s character is going to “feel like,” and the same thing goes for Pacino. You know Pacino’s going to yell at some point.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I agree fully Matt… The hate stems from comments like this though – http://www.celebuzz.com/photos/gun-control-where-do-stars-stand-on-firearms/mark-wahlberg-6/

      1. Oh. Hmm. I’d forgotten about that.

        Yeah, fuck that guy. :)

  3. Jim Jones Avatar

    This shit pisses me off to no end. The people these seals let loose would cut their throats like they do to goats at the first opportunity, and they would film it for the entire world to see. That has to be the most stupid fucking decision I have ever heard of. If you don’t want to kill them, then zip tie them all to trees, gag them, and kill the goats. You didn’t kill them. If they don’t make, well then that’s just too bad.

    I’ve got to say this though, if navy seals aren’t even willing to kill Afghan villagers that will most certainly compromise their mission and likely jeopardize their lives, then our elected leaders are absolute fools to think that they could ever coerce the military to shoot on their own people. That gives me hope. My best guess is that half of the forces would defect on day one.

    1. Wikipedia notes that “Lieutenant Murphy had them released, as was protocol in the area of operations at the time, according to rules of engagement.”

      Do they still operate under similar ROE, or did that change after this happened?

      1. ROE is even stricter now, even SOF guys have stricter ROE. Any kind of engagement short of a Taliban ambush has to be 100% ID on guys with weapons. No weapons no shooty. Also, CAS is severely limited in urban areas because Karzai throws a temper tantrum every time there’s collateral. Lots, lots, lots of red tape man.

    2. You have to remember that Marcus is alive thanks to the help of local Pashtun villagers. A village elder even secretly carried a note hidden inside his clothing—written by Luttrell and indicating the exact spot where he could be rescued— through Taliban lines at great personal danger for him and his village.

    3. Whoa guy, no one is going to ask the military to shoot Americans?! Dafuq. Anyways, you cant go running around killing civilians, even if nobody is watching. It’s A) Fucking wrong and B) opposite of COIN/Hearts and Minds. That’s what sets us apart from extremist insurgents- respect and honor. Also, you can armchair general it all you want, but these guys were in a tough spot and made a tough call- none of us are SEALs so…. yeah.

  4. Saw this exact story on guns.com yesterday…

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Cool story brAh that’s also a blog. I’m sure your mind would be blown if you googled the story to see how many other places posted it!

      1. Jamie’s obviously lying. All content on the internet is unique. Thems the rules.

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          Yea normally I’d go straight to CBS and pay them to interview Marcus Luttrell and I want the exclusive footage, but I opted this time to save money and just post the public video.

  5. Jim Jones Avatar

    No doubt. I am speaking specifically of the goat herders that gave them that “I would love to kill you look” that Marcus describes in his interview. I’m not making a broad racist argument against the Afghans. Clearly, there is humanity in every corner of this planet.

    1. Jim Jones Avatar

      This was supposed to be a reply to radion39 above

  6. Marcus is an amazing guy. I’ve seen several vids of him speaking; just like other SEALs-friends of mine he is straight-forward, and keeps things simple. His story is tragic on so many levels- His personal injuries and loss of his teammates, the loss of the rescue team, and I’m sure the suffering of the tribe that protected him from the jihadis.
    As Americans (read: “The Worlds’ Police”), we are expected to fight professionally and within the rules, even in the face of an enemy that would not hesitate to use a baby as an IED.
    I think they made the correct decision. Once compromised though, they should have scrubbed the mission, and humped way far away to extraction. Their target was caught eventually.

  7. derpmaster Avatar

    goats 1, navy seals 0

    1. Goat herders have fouled up other missions too.
      Goats 1 – SAS 0

  8. Mohammad Gulab is an amazing guy. It’s one thing for a seasoned warrior carrying millions of training and equipment to risk his life in hopes that he can make it home; it’s quite another for a goat herd with no training and no army to back him up to stand up to his murderous neighbors, with no army to back him and nowhere to run. I think the full gravity of that is lost on some people.

  9. ninjavitis Avatar

    I’ve seen the ROE suspended once. My team was in Wanat after the attack and that night we were shooting at anything moving. We had full accountability inside the wire and no civilians in the area. I watched an entire machinegun sector open up on a mountainside because they saw someone moving up there. Just from my own experience and with what I know of this situation as an outside observer, I think I would have opted to zip them up and beat feet. That might have given them a few extra hours to put a buffer between them and the badguys. Of course, I wasn’t there and you have to trust the instincts of the man on the ground.

  10. Ben Tucker Avatar

    “Sponsored by Viagra”

  11. I think the biggest error was the team trying to continue the mission. But I say they acted with the honor that comes with being a SEAL or any other SF member.

  12. bandroidx Avatar

    Good shit.

    One thing I wonder though. Why didnt they get the fuck out of dodge the second they let the goat herders go? I would expect them to be miles from that position by the time the goat herders relayed the info to the Tali’s and the Tali’s get to their position.

    I guess they were trying to continue their mission after being compromised? Doesnt compute. I think I need to buy this guys book asap.

  13. Aldin A. Bridge Avatar
    Aldin A. Bridge

    I would zip tie their hands and gag them – then,take them to my extraction point and leave them there when I leave!!! Simple common sense!!