Trolling The French Police For Beatings

If this is all you have to do to get 6.5 Million YouTube views, I really should start making videos:

hahah the best was the traffic cam one.  I didn’t even realize what was going on at first.

Police-SHTF-SHTU-underwearIn general I though most of his “bits” could have been funnier.  As soon as I realized the humor was foreign my expectations were low, because I find in general people laugh at different things when the culture is so different.  The British version of “The Office” is a perfect example.



10 responses to “Trolling The French Police For Beatings”

  1. This well known guys shows two things : the lack of backup and readiness and the national spirit to the police.
    Nonetheless I like the two traffic cams.
    French LEO.

  2. This guy needs to try the net gun on the police for increased hilarity.

  3. Lmao in the US you’d be shot for 90% of these haha

  4. Cops here will put you to the gun, tazer if you’re lucky.

  5. Remi is fuckin’ hilarious. He has a lot of other ridiculous vids that are just as good.

  6. Jim Jones Avatar

    In the states, they would lock him up for assault and battery of an officer for most of his pranks.

  7. LOL, definitely the traffic cam. But, seriously folks, chill on h8ting on the fuzz.

  8. SittingDown Avatar

    Not funny IMHO.

  9. Wow, a French guy that I can actually respect.

  10. This is pretty funny; never heard of the guy before. Too bad the French aren’t as brave in combat…