Net Gun To Safely Capture Criminals

Intended for animals:

Hopefully they come out with a cartridge to fire gas (a la Darkwing duck).  As long as it’s gluten free, no GMO gas though.. wouldn’t want to hurt the criminal in the short or long-term.  This is a catch / rehabilitate / release type thing we’re doing remember?  Try and keep up guys. ;)

I always wanted to fire a net out of a gun at something… oh and a grappling hook!  I bet climbing up walls looks easier than it actually is though.

Net gun pricing starts at $1400 over at the Wildlife Capture website.   Aaaaaccckkkkkkk bullets are so much cheaper!  Also with a decently placed shot from a gun you’re completely avoiding potential net gun problems like dealing with a lawsuit when the criminal you captured takes you to court seeking damages for the net burn and emotional trauma. Mo’ net mo’ problems.


Hat tip: Krystian


13 responses to “Net Gun To Safely Capture Criminals”

  1. The “rapid assembly” demo looks a bit sped up.

  2. wow cool…. could have used one of those this past week…I was installing a kitchen and the lady’s dog got out and had to chase it down….;)

  3. I could have used one of those on my first wife… she kept getting out and running wild in the streets… LOL

  4. thatturahguy Avatar

    Didn’t they have something like this in the movie, The Running Man, with Arnold getting netted on an airport tarmac?

  5. Climbing walls was easy in the original batman tv show

  6. Reminds me of rob and big using the net gun lol.

  7. Sledgecrowbar Avatar

    Solid premise, but limited application. I see this useful for runners, but you’d have to be able to draw your incredibly oversized Maglite, aim, and fire in less time than it takes them to run 20 meters. Considering the Teuller Drill, that sounds easier said than done. And you still have to walk around with it hanging off your belt all day.

    And let’s not forget how great our police force’s accuracy is. NYPD, looking in your general direction.

    Still better than a tazer for the law enforcement trigger-happiness caused by less-than-lethal options. Not as effective a solution as, say, a foam rubber slug to the calf, in my opinion, but being physical harm-neutral is a plus for liability. Ugh, I can’t believe I just typed that.

    As far as the engineering, i figured it was going to be something the size of a crossbow. I’m impressed they got it as small as they did, and it looks like it works.

  8. Hunter57dor Avatar

    i could see this being a handy police tool for animal problems.

    could avoid alot of problems like the most recent dog shooting in, i beleive it was lawndale? im not sure. somewhere LA local.

  9. am i the only one that see’s a man shoot off a white web from a phallic device held near the scrotal zone??? and it goes off again and again and then again but in slow motion!!!!

  10. SittingDown Avatar

    Bolas are more effective. :D

  11. That’s it!!! I am going to shoot a human with one for sure

  12. Someone remind me again… When does Amazon plan to start delivering with drones?

  13. AND….why aren’t ALL the police force’s across AMERICA using this type of technology to catch guys running down the street that won’t stop???
    SO instead of shooting them just wrap them up with this nice piece of equipment. GAME OVER!!!!! NO GUN, NO STUN GUN….nobody yelling
    police brutality……