Tactical Covers For Everything – Protecting The Previously Unprotected

I sit here in my notch cap, Oakley sunglasses, magazines coolin out, and tactical arm tape to help stave off typing fatigue… wondering why I didn’t think of this:


Superfluous DERP, brought to you by Manta Rails.

Here I am feeling like a Tier infinity derp operator because I didn’t even know picatinny rails, vertical fore grips, and regular grips needed protecting.  Now who’s going to develop a product to protect the rail protectors?  A non-rhetorical question I need an answer to before I’ll be able to sleep again.

Besides the fact the suppressor sleeve looks ridiculous (ribbed for his/her operational pleasure) it seems to work well and is a great idea in theory.  I’ve seen cooler looking suppressor sleeves out there though.

Manta-Rails-LogoShout out to the company that invented these protectors, who not only filled a niche market, but also named their company Manta Ray play on words.  Manta Ray plays on words are my absolute favorite.   Bonus points because they have a rail guard with beady eyes on their ray shaped logo.

Thoughts?  Did you just realize you have several yards of unprotected picatinny rail you need to look into protecting?   What about vert grips and regular grips that you’re now concerned will sustain damage in operations you operate in?


19 responses to “Tactical Covers For Everything – Protecting The Previously Unprotected”

  1. I’m reminded of an episode of Duck Tails from my childhood. The ducks were captured and imprisoned by some primitive tribal culture where obesity was a virtue. The nanny pulled out a jar of peanut butter and claimed that it would “…add inches to your belly!” and the chief exclaimed “Inches?!?” Now here is Manta claiming that they can “Add pounds to your rifle!” and all the tactitards are saying:

  2. Blazing Zero Avatar
    Blazing Zero

    Needs more rotating tactical rails.

  3. SittingDown Avatar

    Wonder if it bounces when you drop it?

  4. Wife is staring at the suppressor cover with some dreamy look in her eyes. Thanks for nuthin’.

    1. Comment winner of the day! Good job my friend

  5. It’s fucking stupid but no doubt will the plenty of armed stupid people be interested.

  6. Plastic. Just what every piece of smoking hot metal needs to be in contact with.

  7. ZBalentine Avatar

    I can’t wait to rush out and not buy this!

  8. Although you can super easily DIY it, I can see the vertical grip wrap being pseudo-practical. I wrapped a KAC fore grip with rubber tennis racket grip tape for a while, and it made for a super comfy grip.

  9. Rail covers certainly serve a purpose. I do like the idea of internal pressure tape pockets (though a Surefire SRxx setup is far more elegant and less clumsy looking).

    Regarding suppressor covers, yeah double-edged sword. Suppressor covers help prevent heat mirage which holds a place for suppressed precison guns. They also can prevent inadvertent burning (like during a transition to a pistol). However, they defacto also hold the heat in instead of allowing it to disperse. On the extreme that can reduce the service life of a can. Most suppressor socks can be quickly removed to help mitigate that problem.

    All-in-all these covers/protectors/condoms/whatever aesthetically resemble sub-par Israeli products too much for my liking.

  10. The suppressor cover is weird. That said, I have some of their rail covers and they are quite nice. They have a internal compartment you can put a tape switch into. Makes securing them much easier/cleaner.

  11. Drapetomanius Avatar

    Coozies! Beer coozies for FUCKING EVERYTHING!

  12. THE VigilantSpectre Avatar
    THE VigilantSpectre

    Damn it you took my ribbed joke

  13. I like the rail guards. But don’t suppressors work better cool? Trapping heat in your gun isn’t a good thing either way.

  14. SittingDown Avatar

    “They want Manta Rails” to the tune of “They Want Efx” by Das Efx)

    Ribbed for her pleasure, Manta Rails last forever
    Even protected cross dressers from john’s trying to harass her
    He decked the weapons platform, Costco-Lupus style, comes in FDE
    Manta gave you a sex disease, raped a fore grip handle
    Detonation can’t harm my suppressor or rails covering my barrel
    So cheap you’d think it was sprayed by Sherwin
    Ouch, Manta looks like it killed Steve Irwin
    Operatin’ in operations while butter’s churnin’
    Vats full of synthetic polymer, looks like hydrogenated fat burnin’
    When they made that suppressor fleshlight they threw away the mould
    Insert more plastic gold, time’s a wasting, opportunity comes and you’re sold
    Money pit, draining your bank like a chubby bitch, tactical valuables challenge to keep
    Manta’s railing in the deep, sort of like Adele, but with less hair, notch hats squared
    My time ain’t cheap, charge by the hour, expensive rails deserve protection
    Manta Rails are far from Glock level perfection

    Dun dun dun dun dun, dun dun

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha beautiful!

  15. I hate to be “that guy” but: these are part of the M27 program being fielded by the Marine Corps.

    I have to think that if the Marines want them: there’s something desirable there.

  16. I happened to purchase some of their rail covers and a suppressor sleeve and they both work great.
    Most of the rail covers out there are plastic milk jug material that melt and break easily. These have a great tactile grip and snap on and off easily and they don’t burn of melt like plastic. The suppressor shape looks like the old machine guns – they act like radiators to transmit the heat out and away unlike typical wraps that trap the heat. I have had no issues with my Surefire suppressor on accuracy or longevity when using this cover.

    As for the comments, its surprising (or not) about how mentally challenged people are. If you haven’t personally tried a product to see how it works why comment on it. This is supposed to be about firearms, not; how pretty it looks on my Olympic POS rifle. As for SittingDown, – all I can say is study hard for your GED and maybe one day you can delivery pizzas and pay your way into Wanna-Be_Rap school.

    Regards –

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      LOL. Glad it struck a nerve. ;)