Shooting The Wrong Ammo Out Of The Right Handgun

Demolition Ranch puts some stank on it for science:

Potato potAHTO.. 9mm.. .308…. .40.. 9mm.. tomato tomAHto.   LOL that bulged 9mm shell that was in the .40 chamber… epic, it looks like a loudener.  I wonder how straight that bullet was flying considering it wouldn’t have engaged any of the rifling.  Probably would have keyholed like hot garbage.

Demolition-Ranch-ENDOThe .223 Glock 23 was an awesome idea… too bad the results were less than amazing.  I wonder if you put some sort of sleeved insert in the barrel before loading the .223 round if a person could make it work any better?  I know they make inserts for shotguns to fire rounds like .22 LR and what not… I’m just thinking out loud here.  I don’t know enough about chamber pressures in order to confidently attempt something like this without blowing my guns up.



7 responses to “Shooting The Wrong Ammo Out Of The Right Handgun”

  1. SittingDown Avatar

    Paul walker is that you?

  2. triggernoob Avatar

    I’ve made the mistake of loading a G17 Magazine into a G22 and shooting off a 9mm round. Just like the video, it shoots but doesn’t cycle. Did get the same results of a bulged 9mm case. Moral of the story is know which mag you are putting in the gun.

  3. Quint Young Avatar
    Quint Young

    considering the size of the bullet, lower pressure, and the way it fits I would think that in an emergency or survival situation putting .380 in 9mm handguns may not be a bad idea, it would make them single shots but still better than nothing.

    1. triggernoob Avatar

      You could also just stab them in the eye with a tire iron.

  4. the cherry pie filling was a nice touch.

  5. Drapetomanius Avatar

    Pretty much expected results. The .223 has insufficient diameter for proper obturation, so the pressure level never gets very high. The result is very low velocity and a bulged or ruptured case, as we observed.

    The unburned powder was a surprise, but it makes sense that the primer doesn’t initially ignite all powered, and that the rest of the reaction completes under pressure.

  6. Rufus Banks Avatar
    Rufus Banks

    I shot a 9mm out of a lorcin .380 when i was a kid. It wasn’t on purpose, my dumb ass friend was trying it and had got the round stuck in the chamber, mostly 3/4 outside the barrel. I was beating on it, like a dummy, trying to unstick it and it went off. The casing never fully entered the chamber, and it blew the case out in the ejection port. the round went down the barrel and lodged at the end, i literally had the rounds nose sticking out the barrel, just stuck there. Just glad I didn’t lose my index finger or an eye.