Veterans Getting Screwed After Coming Home

Dom Raso x NRA News:

Dom-Raso-NRAMeh “warning shots”…. you won’t find too many people in favor of those.  Usually the same camp who advocate “shoot to wound”… which is also a terrible idea from a legal and saving your own life standpoint.   haha good Joe Biden reference though Dom dropped after that. The WWJBD defense? amirite guys? ;) Actually I believe someone tried that in court and he got laughed at.

Looks like the weight of manhood was too much for Dom, so he ditched the beard :P  I’m going to continue to use the beard pic because I like the look better.

If you can contact your senators and ask them to support SENATE BILL 572, like Dom said that would be a great idea.  The Capitol switchboard number is (202)-224-3121

Thoughts?  I know some of you guys are veterans… is everything working out good with the benefits, or are you getting jerked around?


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  1. SittingDown Avatar

    Definitely needs to let the beard grow. I can’t take him seriously without it.

  2. Veterans Affairs has been a nightmare for me. It took them 2 years to get my benefits in. When they did so, nobody bothered to check and see if I was medically retired and they overpaid me in backpay. Then they waited almost a year and decided to tell me they were suspending my compensation until they recouped what was ‘owed’. I lost a lot and verged on homelessness this year as a result of the pay cut, especially after I lost my job.

    I lose friends left and right because they are afraid to ask for help. PTSD isn’t a defect, it’s an after affect. I have it, they have it, shit, you might have it. It doesn’t mean I’m gonna go shoot up a mall. In fact, my PTSD more deals with disassociation and lack of emotions or the inability now to eat a rare steak. I still do EMS clinicals, work at a gun store and bust my ass to get into Law Enforcement.
    But I’m getting off track. I’ve had so many of my battle brothers end it all because they were scared of the repercussions of asking for help. Dom is right. You can’t put an M4 in my hands, send me through hell, only to take it away from me when I get home. Brass Therapy is the best therapy there is. It’s bonding, dealing with things. It’s what keeps me happy. My easygoing personality could easily be somewhat attributed to my carry Glock. I don’t have fear, or an attitude or anything to prove. I have a sense of security that not only keeps me safe from those inevitabilities that keep me on edge, but it keeps me on the legal straight and narrow.

  3. did not watch video. no brobeard = no viewiee

  4. GruntDoc Avatar

    The VA is a nightmare to deal with. They bring the stupid and inefficiency at a level only a government bureaucracy is capable of. I finally got a response 2 weeks ago to an inquiry I made in early 2010. You expect to wait months or years to get anything done, and deal with incompetence and contradictions all the time. In mid October I went in for some testing and decided to stop by the optical clinic on my way out just for a routine eye exam. I asked the person at the desk if they were could see me then, since there was nobody in their waiting area, and she confirmed that they had no patients in the back then either, and none scheduled for another hour. However, they can’t see anyone without a referral from the patients VA primary care doctor. I walked 10 yards to the next desk where my primary care team is and asked if they could put in a referral. The clerk said I would actually have to speak to the primary care doc to get that, even for a routine check. I asked if she had any appointment openings for that day since I was already there. She then told me she would have to have the scheduling and triage nurse contact me to make the appointment, and that I would have to wait for the call. She called 2 days later. I finally convinced her that I really didn’t need to take up appointment time just for this, and she agreed to have the doctor call me instead. 4 more days. The doc called and put in the referral and told me the optical clinic would contact me with the date and time. A week later I received a letter that due to their patient load the optical clinic had outsourced my appointment to a private optical group in downtown Orlando. The waste and inefficiency is staggering.

  5. I’ve had mixed results with the VA. I got out in 2004 and it took approx. 1 year for my disability payments to kick in. I wasn’t expecting anything so the fact that it ever did was just bonus. When it did, my back pay was accurate and since then I have gotten paid on time every single time. The VA health care system is what it is. I’ve been to three different clinics in areas where I’ve lived and they have all been pretty decent. There are times when it is difficult to get a quick appointment but often they are able to get me in the same day. I had a major surgery at my regional VA hospital last year and to be honest, I was a little nervous after some of the stories I had heard. My surgery went off without any complication and I was actually surprised to learn that my VA hospital was actually a leader in the development of the procedure that I had. I’ve had surgeries in regular hospitals in the past and if I were to compare the two honestly, I would say the regular hospital was a little nicer as far as customer service goes but as far as quality of care goes, they were about equal. This isn’t a total “the VA is awesome” type of thing, but to be honest, I NEVER feel like I get my money’s worth at a regular hospital/clinic either. The customer service is sometimes better at them but considering that the VA is my only health coverage and any outside health care is out of pocket, I tend to be more patient with the VA rather than have to take out a loan to pay off a strep throat culture and an appointment to get simple antibiotics. The VA has problems for sure, and I’ve had some issues with them, but it hasn’t all been bad and considering the cost of health care these days, it has been nice to have a place to go.