The Peanut Butter Glock Journey Beats The Destination

Mattv2099 grants a common trollture Glock brand Glock vid request:

0:15 – Oh LAWD that’s a lot of peanut butter

0:20+ was disturbing if you have ever touched peanut butter in your life

Mattv2099-ENDO-Trollture-TrollingI hope he makes videos of the cleaning process of all these.  Maybe it’s not interesting though?  If I were him I’d just pressure wash the gun off and then soak it in oxiclean or something.

AHHHHH NO… he couldn’t even assemble it! :/  Oh well at least the journey was fun.



11 responses to “The Peanut Butter Glock Journey Beats The Destination”

  1. To say nothing about the extreme operating environment of crunchy brand crunchy peanut butter……

  2. SittingDown Avatar

    Would operate with.

  3. Don’t take this the wrong way..well, nevermind, take it offensively if you like…but this guy is a lamer and his videos are getting old. I know he wears your shirts and pretty much solicits a regular slot on your blog, but hey, we get it, food + glock is fun, or was fun at first. Also, your use of the word “troll” just makes me think you’re a basement dwelling, tidy whitey only wearing, neckbeard kid who uses all the cool gamer and forum words for attention well after their relevancy has expired! lol

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      LOL so true.. cool story btw. There’s another cool gamer / forum phrase for you to roll your eyes at. I always think it’s hilarious when some of you guys comment things like that rather than just ignoring the video entirely. Most of the stuff on here and MILcentric is a complete waste of your time jpcmt (as you’ve pointed out on numerous occasions), yet for some reason you keep coming back? Now if you’ll excuse me, my mom made cookies.

      1. Dang, taken so offensively! And when did I point out things here or on milcentric? Not even sure what milcentric is. And no, I didn’t watch this video, i just know from the others that it’s..yet another one with the guy and the food and the 3-5 minutes lost that mike always puts up. Sorry for the feedback i thought might help you decide what to post since it is your rabid viewers like me who do frequent this blog for the many good and funny things you do post. And what was the cool game/forum phrase to roll my eyes at? “cool story btw?” And hey, thanks for not calling me “trollicious” bro! lol

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          Oh oops sorry I’m on my phone I though I remembered you being one of the resident occasional milcentric trolls. I’ve ran all my companies the same way since day 1 and that has been with a take it or leave it approach, and it’s working well. I find Matt’s stuff hilarious so I post it! Pretty easy for those such as yourself to ignore if you want to.

          1. Why would anyone take time out of their day to go to a website, see something they don’t like, and then write a big thing about it? good times jpcmt. another online awesomeness gamer phrase: uMadbro?

            Mattv, even after cleaning, you ever go to use the gun later and smell peanut butter / marshmellow / jello when shooting? I gotta imagine it’s happened before

            1. One time i thought my glock was rusty. But it was just a piece of bacon!

    2. SittingDown Avatar

      We’re sending our crack operators to free you from the dungeon in which you are imprisoned while forced to watch this video. Remember, when you hear “Boston” you’re supposed to say “Red Sox” not “Massachusetts.”

    3. If people didnt watch them I wouldnt make them! Just sayin…

      To Mike:

      Ive recorded the cleanings of most of the food Glocks. Uploaded one cleaning vid but beacuse of general non interest I never made another one! Id rather blend some bullets!

  4. Have you tried blending a loaded Glock brand Glock? I would click to see that.