Binary Explosives Shot At Close Range

VigilantSpectre, always doing shit just to do it:

Vigilant-Spectre-Tactical-WallsNot something I would have done… you know, safety reasons.  I would prefer to not possibly have a chunk of the container or the lid slice me open and/or embed itself in me.

Ripping the finish off your expensive quad rail?!  A good way to make your rifle look like it’s operated in more operations than it has I suppose.



24 responses to “Binary Explosives Shot At Close Range”

  1. Gee, couldn’t they have made the intro to the video just a little longer? A two minute intro to a 20 second video would make it much moar awesum!!!!!

    1. LMAO. I should actually do that. 1 minute intro and 5 second vid.

  2. should have did it on the hood of his truck…:D

  3. ThomasChagrin Avatar

    Love the FPS Russia-style commentary at the end. :-D

  4. SittingDown Avatar

    Needs more Tactical Walls and Over The Tractor Tire tests.

  5. Matt in FL Avatar
    Matt in FL

    I think I’d have doubled up on the earpro for that.

  6. This is not helping our side.

  7. Not THE VigilantSpectre Avatar
    Not THE VigilantSpectre

    My mom said that I’m a bad-ass.

  8. I rarely down vote a 2A video. This one I did just from the sheer stupidity demonstrated.

  9. The VigilantSpectre Avatar
    The VigilantSpectre

    FPS Russia never got that close

    1. This kind of thing is giving gun owners a bad name.

      1. SurfnTurf Avatar

        +infinity. This brainless punk should have his weapons taken away. He is immature, dangerous, and is going to hurt someone someday. Notice, I don’t care if he hurts himself–it’s karma.

        1. Taken away by who? You? Or are you advocating having the government enforce your distaste for his actions?

          1. SurfnTurf Avatar

            Matt, My distaste has nothing to do with it. No, I do not advocate government confiscation unless absolutely necessary to preserve the life on an innocent person and then only with the proper due process granted by the Constitution. This person is obviously immature and these types of unnecessary (and in this case, unsafe) actions unfortunately causes the anti-gun crowd to rise up and use this sort of thing to promote their agenda. This is the kind of stuff they drool about and use to create controversy to win others to their side. It only takes a small pinch of yeast to make dough rise.

        2. Hey man, I usually just let the hate roll on here, but I just got back from Shit/SHOT Show and am feeling uber lazy so I thought I would use this as an excuse not to do anything and lay around for 10 more minutes:

          I think what you are saying has some legitimacy. We all have to be cognizant of the fact that anti-gun people will exploit any opportunity they can to advance their agenda. That said, there are much worse people out there that can be exploited.

          Continuing, you may think this is stunt was immature or wreckless, but in all actuality, what you don’t realize is this was the amount of homework that went into the video. The calculations as to how much I could get away with versus damaging the weapon or myself were very precise and tedious (for those of you who don’t know, I have a degree in chemistry).

          Not that you care but I’ll throw you a bone on how I did it: To be 100% honest I used all the information from the M84 when scaling it (yeah I know it’s the outdated model but give me a break, it’s the only semi-current one I could find info on that wasn’t FOUO or higher). Furthermore, exploding targets are packaged in very brittle plastic for a reason. Sensitized ammonium nitrate (in small quantities- it’s not linear) is only really dangerous when contained in a space that allows pressure to build rapidly, something rigid like steel or concrete. Exploding targets need to look cool when shot so they package it in something that is going to build enough pressure to go boom, but still break apart to minimize liability for turning out explosives to the public. Kind of like gunpowder. Pour some out in an open space and light it, VS shoot it out a firearm.
          Anyway to further mitigate containment of the charge, I drilled a series of holes in the plastic to take the edge off of it. Kind of like taking a fraction of a grain off the top when scaling reloads for for safety.
          All that said, I don’t have a ChemE degree so I am not going to say that I am an expert but, I kind of know what I am doing. But at the same time Chemists get killed playing with shit that a ChemE would have advised against. So until I show up on LiveLeak: Sit back and enjoy the show.

          One last thing, advocating the confiscation of anyone’s weapons who isn’t engaged in illegal activity is just flat-out, not cool man. If anything gives the Antigun lobby ammunition it’s divisive talk as displayed. It shows weakness in devision among our community. They want all our weapons, down to your kid’s BB gun. Idiots like me are your best defense against those kind of people- if they are willing to come after someone with 3M+views and a public presence then you know shit just got real.

          Have a good one and keep that powder dry.

          Owner/Operator/Team Lead
          VIgilantSpectre Operations Media

    2. Dale Smith Avatar
      Dale Smith

      Fuck everybody else. All of these safety queens that get all pissy if somebody muzzles them through their computer screen need to take some vagisil for their inflamed vaginas. Folks, it’s his life. He can do as he likes. If that includes blowing off his arm, or blowing out his ear drums, it’s his call. And it’ll make a hell of a story afterwards. No wonder so many women are lesbians now days. Most bull dykes I know are more manly than half of you metrosexual/stretchy-jean-wearing/mocha-latte-drinking pussies. Freaking Daniel Boone, Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, and Davy Crockett could make a youtube series on wilderness survival and you pansy-ass MFers would be telling them how unsafe they are being and that they don’t have the proper safety equipment. No sense of adventure anymore. And the pussification of “men”. smh

      1. Thank you for your mature input.

        1. Dale Smith Avatar
          Dale Smith

          You’re f’ing welcome. Now go jump up and down while coughing. Maybe your balls will drop and you’ll quit sounding like a little girl.

          1. Now this is just sad.

          2. SurfnTurf Avatar

            You’re an ASS! Another immature little weasel sitting behind a keyboard acting like a macho man.

  10. what he couldnt hit it from 50 yards

  11. dgdimick Avatar

    Some people shouldn’t be allowed to have a rifle and a video camera at the same time. About as helpful as a Starbucks video.

  12. why does his rail have spikes on the front?

    1. Matt in FL Avatar
      Matt in FL

      Because it looks cool.