.308 AK-47 VS Coors The Beer Of Banquets

Mattv2099 with another picnic assassin:

Mattv2099-ENDOhaha I haven’t had a Coors in forever.  I thought he was trollin when he called it “the beer of banquets” but it appears it actually is called that.

LOL the Richard Ryan fake Tech Assassin style stats slay me every time.

Matt is wearing the Run Guns and California No Right To Bear Arms t-shirts from ENDO Apparel.



7 responses to “.308 AK-47 VS Coors The Beer Of Banquets”

  1. poor beer….it wanted to be turned in to piss….;)

    1. derpmaster Avatar

      It’s Coors, it already was piss.

  2. Al Cohol Avatar

    For those of you that think this beer sucks, you’re really missing out. Coors is easily my favorite beer, with Coors Light a close second.

    1. Never tried a coors. I love Ninkasi and Fat Tire!

  3. wrobinson Avatar

    This was a very funny one, MattV2099 always delivers, oh and BTW I bought two shirts from ENDO Apparel yesterday from a link in his video.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Nice! Thanks a lot for the support.

  4. lol derp…knew someone was gonna say that…..:D