Det Cord VS Xbox One Drag Race

Crafts and math with Richard Ryan:

Richard-Ryan-ENDONice work with the math for the timing, that looked amazing.  That has to be so rewarding to take that footage home and see that it all worked out.

The X he set up at the end blew my mind too.  Det cord sure looks dangerous / like a lot of fun.



7 responses to “Det Cord VS Xbox One Drag Race”

  1. He’s my hero! The X-plosion was absolutely badass.

  2. Best example why Maths (I am English) is so important – “the ability to understand and represent time and space” and the results are… explosive! (love that procession wave on the X) Great job.

  3. He puts in a hell of a lot of work to make it look cool.

    Can I get his job?

  4. the kid knows how to entertain. wish I could hire him for parties.

  5. SHOPPED!!!

  6. I like how you can see the X-shaped concussion move to the right of the screen at 6:51. RR definitely knows how to blow shit up.

  7. Mythbusters should grab this guy.