Orc Shooting Targets For Hardcore Nerd Operators

Attention all nerd operators who operate in parent’s basement operations:

LOL I lost it at “Ever want to put a slug between an orc’s eyes?”  Uh no… no I haven’t.  It’s relevant to note that I can use the parents basement jokes with impunity because I operated from my parents’ for a long time.

Like every solid idea, this is a indiegogo campaign *eye roll*.  At least their $6500 goal is probably reasonable.  Some jokers on Kickstarter and Indiegogo make the most hilarious goals for the stupidest shit.

Unsurprisingly they go full-nerd with this and even have a “playable game” for each target, explained below:

Orcish-OperatorFor all your nerd operators who don’t have enough orc slaying in your current operations, and are looking for unique new ways to repel females, make sure to check out the Orcish Operator website and even toss some money toward their indiegogo campaign.



31 responses to “Orc Shooting Targets For Hardcore Nerd Operators”

  1. OMG, an Orc carrying an axe and wearing skulls, good way to stereotype. You racists.

  2. funnybookz Avatar

    “Some jokers on Kickstarter and Indiegogo make the most hilarious goals for the stupidest shit.”

    Hopefully a decent amount of it is going to the illustrator. If that’s “stupid shit” then I make my living off of people’s ideas for “stupid shit.”

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      No offense intended. I make a living off stupider shit than you I’m guessing haha. I just meant that people on kickstarter are often are like “Here are some gun schematics that are poorly drawn… goal: $80,000”

  3. The internet…You’re welcome.


  4. Your bullets have no power here!

  5. Yeah, you bitches dream of operating in operations taking down static, full-color renderings of fantasy-based adversaries, these mofos live the freakin’ dream. Quit your day jobs and grab the game-controller…if you can!

  6. Well if nothing else it’s prompting gun ownership……

    1. John Fritz Avatar

      Indeed it is. I wouldn’t bust these guy’s balls. It’s something they like. They’re out blasting. They have an idea to make a little money. So what’s the problem.

  7. Meh, why not. At least it will get the nerds out of their basements and out onto shooting ranges, everyone needs some sun every now and then.

  8. Sivl32 (elvis) Avatar
    Sivl32 (elvis)

    I’ve been playing World of Warcraft for years, but this is stupid.. i hate colored image targets.. Unless they are splash targets… I like to see where im shooting i don’t care bout the image. But if he makes money from it. then whatever, im jealous.

  9. I already donated. I love novelty targets. Nazi zombies are my favorite when shooting my Russian guns.

    I do agree with Sivl32, though, that splash targets would be nice.

    1. Really, you prefer Nazi zombies over my line of Buddhist ballerina vampires?

      1. Only when using my Russian weapons to defend the Rodina. I’ll be glad to shoot Buddhist ballerina vampires, though, with other weapons.

  10. pointblank4445 Avatar

    I’m going to go full nerd and ask if anyone else caught the Basil Poledouris in the first vid?

    1. The music is epic.

  11. 35BStratIntel Avatar

    I wouldn’t knock picture targets as a concept, the first target I ever shot was with my dad, around January 2002…it was, of course, Osama bin Laden, not an orc, but the difference between the two are so slight as to be splitting hairs.

  12. Nice, but I need a 1:1 target of an ancient red dragon for my howitzer.

  13. Hey Endo Mike – don’t scoff.

    Some states/cities ban targets that have human silhouettes or are realistically human.

    This may be a way to get around silly laws to operate vs bipedal targets during operation training.

  14. WHY the fuck does EVERYONE look for crowd sourcing for EVERY FUCKING IDEA. They’re fucking targets, get a job and save up $200 and get them printed yourselves.

    Fuck me, I really believe on of the problems with the work force of today is that everyone with a dumb idea wants to be an entrepreneur and not have a boss.

    1. U mad bro?

    2. So… I’m guessing you’re not contributing?

    3. Sorry gramps.

      The internet is here to stay…

      So’s mixed race marriages. Get over it.

      ::Silly old people::

    4. I am with you Kevin, I have a printer and work and can print any target. why should i buy these…

    5. Back in my day, you had to break your back for a day’s paycheck! There was no iPod, you had do mix your own shit for your Walkman. Remember when you had to rewind those VHS rentals? That built character! Not like this broadband garbage that lets you stream video lazily. And don’t get me started on the firearms of today – AR’s looking like Darth Vader shat them out with all that garbage hanging off them. *shakes cane from lawn chair*

    6. HAYTERZ

      I’m not old, I’m just saying everyone who farts out an idea is like HEY GUYS GIMME $10,000

    7. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I’m going to start a kickstarter to fund a 50 page reply to your comment, written by a famous author… you just wait! ;)

  15. SenseiJohnKreese Avatar

    No dice roll for critical hit multiplier with a 33% chance repeating effect? Eh, I’d rather use my bow staff!

    1. You mean bo staff?

      Kinda derp to poke fun when you misspell the insults. Just sayin’…

      1. Taylor TX Avatar

        Bō if you really want to be a troll ha

        1. Oh snapped… I got trolled in my troll because I like trolling!

          Are you Xzibit?

  16. SittingDown Avatar

    *Begin Carlin voice* With people named Tristan Judice, you can’t go wrong. *Carlin voice ends*