Baby Killer HK USP – Trolls Gonna Troll

I thought TMHonfire102 lost his edge… he can still troll though apparently:

Troll-FaceHmmmm, yea that was disturbing.



18 responses to “Baby Killer HK USP – Trolls Gonna Troll”

  1. Blazing Zero Avatar
    Blazing Zero

    Id rather he HK’d a Furby

  2. *ban….too creepy, even for this place.

  3. Matt in FL Avatar

    Yeah, there are videos I pass along, and videos I don’t. This is a don’t.

  4. Hard_Harry Avatar

    I suspect this is going to get booted off youtube before long.

  5. What’s up my bitches, I said what’s. up. my. bitches.

  6. Jim Jones Avatar

    That was pretty hilarious. As a kid who grew up watching dickhouse crew videos, this is pretty awesome.

    1. Dr Kranknstein Avatar
      Dr Kranknstein

      RIGHT!!!…The people around the shop just stared at me while I am laughing my ass off.

  7. JamesEarlJones Avatar

    Lifetime creepy award goes to THMonfire102 for all time and always. Forever.

  8. Damn I cannot unsee this.

    Dunno if I was such a pussy BEFORE having kids, but seriously, I’m quite uncomfortable…
    RRyan could have shot the same baby with a .50, I wouldn’t have given a sh**, but this dude?
    His way is too creepy!

    I am also very disappointed because I (very) recently came to look into the USP handguns, and they are SOOOO badass !

    I wonder what this guy has in mind.

  9. SixtyForty Avatar

    Anyone else struck by the resemblance between TMHonfire102 and Cletus Spuckler from the Simpsons?

  10. derpmaster Avatar

    I just went and watched a bunch of this dude’s videos. It’s like a redneck freakshow, I love it.

  11. hnl.flyboy Avatar

    Disturbing as F*CK! Remember, this reflects on all other gun owners, and won’t be winning us any favors.

  12. I really like your site for gun and gear reviews but please don’t ever post anything like this again or I will never visit this website agian.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I have never even done a single gun or gear review. Lol I’ll be posting as much of this type of epic troll stuff that I can find.

  13. This is twice now, once with that ridiculous hoax video of the guy who ran around with a firearm messing with people and know this. Please exercise a sliver of restraint and decency when deciding what to post. This kind of think makes people hate gun owners and eventually may lead to stricter gun laws. More importantly, it’s just wrong.

    1. Matt in FL Avatar

      Oh, wait. This is that guy? Yeah, fuck that guy.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I think you should start a blog. The “sliver of restraint gun blog”. I’m going to keep doing my thing.

  14. Matthew House Avatar
    Matthew House

    The doll shooting I can live with. The heaving breathing and the moaning freaked me right the fuck out.

    I kept expecting him to dump mayo all over the doll from out of frame or something. That all he did was shoot at it was kind of a welcome relief.

    Creeptastic in the extreme.