Wax Shotgun Slugs VS Bob’s Army – Google+ Should Suck A Shotgun Barrel

Mattv2099 finds an excuse to use the was shotgun slugs he made:

I don’t know who I hate more… the person that came up with that Bob’s Army bullshit, the people perpetuating it, or Google+ itself. Matt likes G+? Or is his just trolling? Not sure…

Mattv2099-ENDO-Trollture-TrollingGoogle+ is such a pile of garbage, I can’t even believe it exists.  Hilarious how Google hangs onto it, yet kills things I (and others) generally loved like iGoogle and Reader.



4 responses to “Wax Shotgun Slugs VS Bob’s Army – Google+ Should Suck A Shotgun Barrel”

  1. Huh???

  2. I actually don’t mind G+. A unified Google account/identity for all of their services was something that was needed.

    The problem is that when the unified G+ and Youtube they brought back a ton of the issues with comments that had since been removed.

  3. When in doubt, troll it out.

  4. SittingDown Avatar

    Google R&D meeting: *hipster filled room with not a wisp of smoke in sight* “Hey we’ve got all these useless Google+ servers sitting here. Let’s change the best comments section Youtube could come up with, with the worst idea ever thought of.”