Vigilant Spectre Visits Asymmetric Solutions

Or Asymmetric Derp as I initially dubbed the outfit:

I figured I’d post those vids for two reasons… one because Victoria’s Spectre are my dudes, and two the initial Asymmetric Derp post and the comments following it are classic ENDO, and this would direct people back to it for some laughs.

For those too lazy to click through that link above to watch the video and read the comments, it can be summarized as Asymmetric Solutions saw the post… Bricks were shit, and they immediately went into damage control mode to try and convince us all that they are indeed the go-to Tier -17 school for operators who operate in operations (in galaxies both foreign and domestic).  This damage control was done by Asymmetric Solutions themselves and by people from within the organization pretending to just be random outsiders (classic derp mistake).  They invited me to come tour the facilities (like I have time for that shit?)… Vigilant Spectre offered to go, Asymmetric Solutions accepted and what you get are the above videos (and a few more you can see on the Vigilant Spectre YouTube page).

Vigilant-Spectre-Victorias-SecretI suppose it’s proven that those walls are safe.  The video from the 1st post still makes me cringe though, and I guess I’m just not operator enough to get that muzzle sweeping people is crucial to operating in some operations.



7 responses to “Vigilant Spectre Visits Asymmetric Solutions”

  1. Therealcombatwombat Avatar

    It was an awesome place with awesome operating operator people for sure man. Just calling it like I saw it.

  2. I like how VS got a shooting trip out of this.
    Dont they know that mikes derpfest is usually ended with a hefty order of endo shirts?
    Its worked for everyone else.

  3. THE VigilantSpectre Avatar
    THE VigilantSpectre

    Hey I like Victorias Secret man, I am trying to see the whole line b4 the come out with the 2014 stuff. I hate it when I get a duplicate though, real bummer.

    1. It’s “BEFORE” not “b4”. You type like a drunk grandma, masturbating to the idea of winning 150 dollars on church Bingo night.

  4. Wait, they shot a wall with suppressed/sub-sonic rifle rounds to demonstrate the wall’s ability to absorb hits? Not that the walls probably couldn’t take real hits, just not how I’d highlight them.

  5. ninjavitis Avatar

    I like how they’re all tier 0 operators with all the high speed gear…and every inch of it is pristine and untouched. Never seen dirt one day of it’s life. I also like how each guy has at least three cameras attached to him. They look like a bunch of airsofters only with more expensive toys.

  6. I also dropped by and took some video of their facility. I didn’t do any shooting, I’m an old disabled fat guy who has no reason to take their courses as they’d probably put me in the hospital. However their walls and berms would stop quite a bit of stuff. The internal walls would easily stop 7.62X51 NATO and any lesser calibers.

    The employees I met were nice and even helped me when I wrecked out in their driveway, to get me back on the road to Texas.

    I don’t know Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier whatever. But they do have a lot of money invested in their facility that I saw.

    If anyone wants to see the video that I shot it’s on my youtube page here: