Larry Vickers – Russian Confidence Handgun Training

From an episode of his show Tac-TV.  Russians Spetsnaz are confident sons of bitches. Fueled by vodka?

The crappy old version of the video in case the new one disappears.

Holy shit that guy with the balaclava is high speed… just wait and see what I mean.

1:17 – Hmmmm so he’s putting on a vest… I wonder where this is going…

1:22 – Hmmm 2nd guy walking on to range… OH HOLY JESUS please no…

1:24 – Gun drawn and aimed at guy #1 *My mind explodes*

1:35 – Three shots from guy #2 into guy #1s chest (body armor) *The pieces of my exploded mind explode again*

2:08 – Phew… ok I thought the LAV was going to be like “Meh… good training drill for sure”, but he really doesn’t like it.

3:46 – WHHHHHHAAAAT?!?!??!

4:23 – Human obstacles?  Seriously… I just feel like I’m getting trolled at this point.  

4:47 – Nothing like another few shots next to your head.

Spetsnaz-Mission-AccomplishedPlease tell me simunition is being used in some of these drills.  I noticed some fluorescent tape on some of the slides… not all of them though.

Try as you will, you’ll never be that HSLD.  I’m surprised they don’t raise the bar a bit more and do some of these drills on a busy playground or at a trampoline park considering they are so fancy.


Hat tip: Christopher


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  1. Whacker-15 Avatar

    so when do we finally get to play with that damn Strike-1 pistol!!!

  2. 3-2-1 Cory they pimp will be teaching this drill in his class on YouTube


    every others Mickey Mouse wanna be operator on YouTube will be doing this drill and posting vids of it.

  3. Matt in FL Avatar

    How many vests was he wearing? I’ve moved more getting hit by a paintball. The way he didn’t move it all, he must have been wearing a Level V plate.

    1. They dd mention “shoot him in the plate” so I assume it had one of the hard trauma plates that you can stick in soft body armor. Those don’t increase the armor rating, but absorb the impact of the shot.

      Anyways these drills don’t surprise me. Even US special forces have their own forms of trust drills. They don’t involve shooting each other though, that is simply the Russians taking it way over the top, which they typically do.

    2. The russian plate systems is generally a hard steel or titanium plate system with kevlar infront and behind the plate making them similar to level 4 ceramic plates in terms of how things are felt and mass of the armor as i currently understand it.

    3. Taylor TX Avatar

      but were you moving from pain or surprise? This guy knows its coming and has braced himself Id assume. Either way, fucking russians man, they win the crazy award every time.

      1. Matt in FL Avatar

        Well, probably surprise. Seeing the paintball coming and standing in front of it anyway would be pretty stupid, wouldn’t it? (Not saying I haven’t done it, just acknowledging I’m stupid.)

    4. You ever shoot a 9mm with a stock? Bracing ta 9mm with mass of one’s body almost completely mitigates the recoil. So it’s not that hard to imagine 9mm bullets not doing much to a 200+ lbs man.

  4. Those guys wear arm tape. Guaranteed.

    1. elephantrider Avatar

      These guys still can’t touch the South African Special Police.

  5. they are so tactical, even their balaclavas have notches.

    (for every comrade they have inadvertently killed doing this drill)

  6. derpmaster Avatar

    I’m severely disappointed by the lack of backflip hatchet throwing.

    1. elephantrider Avatar

      I prefer the backflip shovel throw.

  7. GreenMountain Human Avatar
    GreenMountain Human

    Trust drill, lol. My friends and I have a similar trust drill: We all trust that none of us would be retarded enough to suggest trying this. Yeager may have just picked up a new drill here. Of course in his, there is also a cameraman behind each operator. They don’t need vests though, because the cameramen are never in any danger. ;)

    1. “My friends and I have a similar trust drill: We all trust that none of us would be retarded enough to suggest trying this.”

      HA HA HA HA Epic !

  8. Werewolf1021 Avatar

    Do ya have another video that wasnt recorded by a potato?

  9. We’ve done similar drills with Simunitions; a quick-draw competition at 10 feet. It was hell on the hands. As far as doing it with live rounds… I would think they’ve been shot at enough in real-life operations while operating.

  10. Monitor -> Youtube screen -> someone else’s TV.

    I’ll pass on video Inception….

  11. elephantrider Avatar

    3:53: shooter fires a round into the ground inches from his own foot. Trigger discipline?

    As Mike pointed out, some of the pistols look like they might be simunition (yellow tape on slide), but there are distinct impacts in the berms when they are fired. I guess they could still be simunition guns being fired behind the guy’s ear.

    1. Yeah I saw that he shot himself in the knee (or feet) at 3:53, and again, not a single fuck was given !

    2. Yep, noticed he ND-ed on the first watch through and went back and checked. I’m surprised LV didn’t mention it because they clearly slowed the footage down so you could see it.

  12. Olly Lyon Avatar

    In some ways its similar to the hostage rescue drills the British SAS do. They put a member of their team between two targets in a shoothouse to play the role of hostage. They then do a full blown, live-fire assault, to give the “hostage” simulation of being flashbanged and shot at. They’ve been doing it since the 50’s and nobody has been killed.

    1. If I remember correctly Lady Thacher participated in one of those drills while touring the facility. Scared the crap out of her staff, but being the Iron Lady that all was taken in stride.

      Wow, contrast the current American Regime with her administration the differences are breathtaking.

  13. It seems like the shooter dumps a round into the floor on purpose when pushing the instructors away. He does it again later in the drill. (you cant see it but listen for the pop) At first I thought it was a mistake or an ND, after hearing the second shot I think it is a tactic to let the guy you are going hands-on with know you are serious without killing him.

    It is also clear that these guys just dont give a crap. Very intimidating.

    1. Yeah this was the most interesting part for me. Also, seeing as the host isn’t part of the team, they might have used nonlethal ammunition such as rubber/wax bullets for his drill.

      I know they say “don’t try this at home” but I expect to see some natural selection if this goes viral.

      1. I am guessing “big boy” rules apply, I if you are big boy enough to be invited, you are big boy enough to not get any special accommodations.

  14. Read ‘Viktor Suvorov’, especially “Inside the Aquarium”. Suvorov was a GRU officer who defected back when that meant a death sentence and he spent the rest of the Cold War talking about what it was really like inside of the Soviet armed forces and intelligence services.
    Shooting your buddy in the plates ain’t beans: according to Suvorov, the Spetnaz used to practice their physical and armed combat skills on political prisoners… the question is, do they still?

  15. Someone else mentioned this but, ND at 3:55? Shitty trigger discipline.

    1. yup…thats insane.

      Infantry leads the way.

      1. Fck yeah man ;)

  16. Ah ah, joint operation with South African Special Forces and Spetsnaz.

    No survivors.

  17. Well, I will carry on with my day feeling meek and unsure of myself.

  18. That wasn’t a ND, just a standard procedure to scare off noisy bystanders.

  19. Gen. Hawk Avatar

    GMH beat me to it:

    The second he sees this, Yeager will have Reid creating a new course centered around it.