Paul Push Broom Howe On Long Range Hunting

PHowe x Panteo Productions:


PHowe has always been operator as fuck, but I have a feeling his skill level increased with the addition of that tactical facial push broom.  That thing is glorious.  Paul has so much Testosterone he probably made the decision to grow that Movember beast the night before filming the video.

Looks like the full video will be worthwhile. Panteo Productions appears to come out with some solid stuff on the reg. Funny (but unsurprising) how they dropped “Sonny “Shoot House” Puzikis” after his TOO OPERATOR FOR STANDARD SAFETY PRACTICES negligence.

Thoughts? Is P stunting on you and your Movember peach fuzz?


2 responses to “Paul Push Broom Howe On Long Range Hunting”

  1. That stache is full on beast mode.

  2. Taylor TX Avatar

    As a proud full year owner of a facial push broom, however it may not be tactical, my wife sure likes it.
    Paul’s defies verticality as it appears that it has begun to grow into his nose, talk about High Speed No Drag.