Perception VS Reality

Sometimes people think something is one way, but it’s really another:

haha pretty good.  I didn’t know some of those perceived stereotypes existed, but now I do!

Tactical-Operator-Military-VanLOL tactical reloads… that was the best one.

Thoughts? Small scar 3rd knuckle on right hand, 2/10?

Hat tip: Van


15 responses to “Perception VS Reality”

  1. ya think he likes Jameson??…;)

  2. 35BStratIntel Avatar

    Tactical CQB Krav Maga Special Forces reload…throw empty magazine at hostile, rush him screaming incoherently while he’s trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

  3. Awesome!

  4. aAve her keep her head level when squatting…plus, reduce the weight by 75% and have her go ALL the way down…the glutes and knees would appreciate it…

    1. You had me at [blockquote]have her go ALL the way down…[/blockquote]
      Its nice she realizes her only skill is looking pretty in a bikini and is stocking up on the youtube revenue while she can. She should do some appearances on corys channel until erika is pack in pre baby shorts.

  5. derpmaster Avatar

    The problem with squats is that everyone wants to be a hero and they load up far too much weight and then screw up their form, or do partial range of motion. Her first attempt is how they should be, her second attempt is what everyone actually does. Probably only 10% of the people I see doing squats at the gym actually have good form. Almost everyone cheats and does 50% to 70% ROM.

  6. Did she biggify her boobies since the last time we saw ’em?

  7. For some reason he reminds me of tactical Seann William Scott.

  8. Matt in FL Avatar
    Matt in FL

    I don’t care that it’s shameless clickbait. She’s got a hot body, she works hard for it, and I’d show it off too.

    The whole video was pretty good, but the Parachute Landing Fall had me laughing out loud, because it’s exactly like that.

    1. Taylor TX Avatar

      work it Matt work it

      1. Matt in FL Avatar
        Matt in FL

        It’s gonna take a lot of work before anyone wants to see it. But I try.

  9. Nakedgun Avatar

    Pretty funny.
    And, now I know two nurses that look like that…

  10. Who else rewinded the video?