Video Game Operators Who Operate Poorly In Operations

Freddiew and friends operate the best they can:

freddiew-youtubeGlad to see Freddiew seems to be back making videos, and that they are gun related!  The Key and Peele collab was funny… I hope this trend continues.



5 responses to “Video Game Operators Who Operate Poorly In Operations”

  1. bandroidx Avatar

    i wouldnt be surprised if freddiew is extremely pro gun control.

    1. Me either. That said he seems to have at least have some interest in guns, fueled through an interest in video games. I know the gun community bitches all the time about how much we hate the Call of Dury crowd but I’ve taken a few out shooting and at the very least stopped them from being anti’s with just a bit of education. But the view that only mil/leo (who they seem to think are all super well trained) should be the only ones allowed “assault weapons” isn’t uncommon among gamers.

    2. I’ve wondered about this myself. Are his interests just some infatuation or does he believe it’s our human right to bear arms? If not, we can add another film industry type hypocrite. Looking at you Stallone…

    3. He has shot real guns with RatedRR, he’s also an avid airsofter and has a video recently going to a CQB training school as well.

  2. SittingDown Avatar

    Cowarduty: The next generation. LOL