iPad Air Gets Barrettized By The Squire Of Barrettville – Preview

A preview of Richard Ryan shoots the new iPad Air through google glass:

Ugh… that hurts.  I went and saw this new iPad at the Apple Store last week, the screen is beautiful!  It’s funny how anticlimactic the shot is without slow motion.  Full video with slow motion up on Monday!

Richard-Ryan-Keep-Calm-ENDOGoogle glass is definitely something I’d like to try out, I don’t know how much use I would have for it though.

Richard is wearing the 1911 Keep Calm And Carry One t-shirt from ENDO Apparel.



6 responses to “iPad Air Gets Barrettized By The Squire Of Barrettville – Preview”

  1. bandroidx Avatar

    i really wish he would do more of the non “shoot a bullet through electronic x with 50 cal bullet in slow mo” videos. they are much more entertaining. the shooting electronics in slow mo is just so played out.

  2. Oh I thought he was going to shoot his glasses.

  3. Taylor TX Avatar

    Hey RR, If you happen to get any extra tablets that dont meet the fiery end of of a .50 bmg, cough really need one to take to GDC in march cough :D

    1. Taylor TX Avatar

      Neat looking how the Ipad spliit up the center, but nothing is cooler lookin than the det cord. A hard act to follow ha

  4. SittingDown Avatar

    Apple cries. The world is overjoyed. LOL

    1. elephantrider Avatar

      No need to cry, that thing was bound to break on its’ own. Probably sooner than later. This is probably the best use one could get out of one of those retarded pads.