Short Barrel AR-15 Fireball Maker

Highjak86 with a fun little AR-15 pistol build:

That DynaComp looks like it’s doing its job nicely.. wow.

It’s hard to tell how loud something like that is on camera, but if you’ve ever been near a short barreled .223/5.56 trust me… it’s LOUD.  Thank god they aren’t under a canopy of any kind (I learned that the hard way).  I bet it was loud as hell in that truck at the end.

3:08 – LOL bumpfire skillz

Representing ENDO Apparel with the AR-15 Builders Club t-shirt on, fitting choice for the video.  Oatmeal color too, my favorite.


3 responses to “Short Barrel AR-15 Fireball Maker”

  1. Taylor TX Avatar

    Yea theres a few guys at the private range I goto sometimes with my buddy, who have NICE NICE NFA Toys. and occasionally, to my discontent, I am stuck sitting at a bench near one of them when they pull out something like this. I probably wouldnt mind if I got to shoot the damn thing ha.

  2. SteelerFan Avatar

    Having never shot one, I don’t really know how they handle, but I can’t say I like the idea of the AR pistol. Although that comp does look to be doing a really good job, I just don’t like the idea of shooting a rifle without a stock. I’m also surprised that Moms Demand Stupid haven’t been outraged over this relatively new style of weaponry designed solely to kill their babies.

  3. Realistically you could always fire an M-16/AR-15 single handed and offside. Your accuracy sucks.

    So these accessories are just for show to keep an AR-15 legal.