Operating In Yoga Pant Operations

Kirsten Weiss shoots balloons from a yoga pose:

Kirsten-Weiss-Dat-AnschutzIn related news, her subscriber count just doubled haha I kid (but it did probably did increase).

I can’t tell how far that is… any guesses? 50 yards?

Thoughts?  Would operate with?


7 responses to “Operating In Yoga Pant Operations”

  1. i loveee yoga pants at all times of the day but in the morning holy fuck! just want to stick my nose right into that dirty ass

    1. This should be the quote on the next ENDO shirt.

  2. Nakedgun Avatar

    She may as well just go to the bikini-shoots; there’s not much other value to her vids.
    And, then I’ll subscribe…

  3. Not much value to her vids? What are you a mouth-breather that hoses targets with a rifle a 5 yards?
    How about some respect the skill? She has more than 99.99% of the drooling morons out there.


    1. Nakedgun Avatar

      Well, Breanne…
      I never said anything about her laking talent (she has at least two, obviously), but thanks for assuming. You sound like a butt-hurt AK-74 disarmer, reading-into comments instead of reading them.


  4. Can you shoot like her?

  5. Little known fact: if one were to look closely at the video, you’d see a gun.

    Came for the yoga pants, stayed for the yoga pants. And the gun. But, mostly, the yoga pants.