CNN Allegedly Looking For A Piers Morgan Replacement

A single tear simultaneously rolls down the cheek of millions…

Sources tell FTVLive that CNN Boss Jeff Zucker is “actively looking for a replacement for Piers Morgan.”  Morgan signed a one year extension to his contract and as time winds down, Zucker is looking for someone to takeover his time slot.  Word is that Zucker really wants Katie Couric in that slot. Couric should be available soon as many expect this is the last year her talk show “Katie” will be on the air.

Full Story – FTV Live

Well, Katie Couric will be easier on the eyes, and hopefully not as ignorant regarding gun control.

I wonder if Piers will somehow continue on his crusade against guns?  Head of the Brady Campaign maybe?  Will he still read ENDO?  LOL of course he will… that question was obviously rhetorical.



Hat tip: Joshua


9 responses to “CNN Allegedly Looking For A Piers Morgan Replacement”

  1. I want his time spot, I will fill the hour by reading the archives of this blog.

  2. *I bet* Morgan wants someone in his slot.

  3. I would like to kick his faggot ass and then tell him if he had a gun he could have stoped it

  4. I was particularly distressed when Brad Pitt had him in the intro of World War Z

  5. SittingDown Avatar

    *Citizen Kane Clapping Animated .gif Here*

  6. RISC_Taker Avatar

    Never been a fan of the man, but I’ll say this for him:
    Much like anyone else on CNN I would have no idea who he was were it not for the fact that he knew what buttons to push to get a segment of America to listen to him, even though they completely disagree with him. Marketing. He’s got skills (or his agent, or whoever tells him what, when, how, where, and why).

    1. elephaantrider Avatar

      Some might even call that trolling.

  7. James P Avatar

    What’s with the Halo theme in the background?

  8. Here’s to hoping he’ll be tarred, feathered, and forgotten much like Jack Thompson’s and his crusade against, “murder simulators.”