Crazy Slingshot Guy Catches A Rebound – Fake Injury Trolling

The consensus is that this is fake:

Joerg-SpraveI definitely could see something like that happening though.  Champagne bottles especially are very thick, and if whatever your shooting at it doesn’t have enough force to penetrate it then you’re basically just playing russian roulette with where the projectile is going to end up.  I’m actually surprised it doesn’t happen more often with the stuff he shoots.

Do you think it’s tacky to do videos like this to get views?


9 responses to “Crazy Slingshot Guy Catches A Rebound – Fake Injury Trolling”

  1. we will see….thats gonna leave a mark…:(

  2. It looked real. That must have hurt.

  3. He’s doing a zombie movie and showing off his makeup artist.

  4. Fake or not… I still cringed like crazy. Hopefully it’s an epic troll. Definitely dig his videos. He seems like he puts a lot of hard work into his concepts tacky or not. Of course this is coming from a guy who shoots iPhones for attention…

  5. Those edits make it fake. Love this guy though, he gets a pass.

  6. pesticide Avatar

    I hope this is fake. I love this guys channel but it looked real to me. Also like your channel richardryan

  7. So I work in an Operating Room, and while I realize that doesn’t make me a video analysis expert, I’m pretty sure this is fake. The blood doesn’t look right as it rolls over her fingers. It’s not the right consistency. Also I think it was a little to coincidental where the camera landed. Cool video if it is a fake, good warning if it is not.

  8. HAHA… c’mon guys, look at the shirt he is wearing :)

  9. He has a link on the video that shows that it was fake and how he did it.