Breaking Bad – M60 Machine Gun

Richard Ryan with another Breaking Bad related video:

Richard-Ryan-ENDOBesides the always stellar slow motion footage, the intros on these Breaking Bad videos has been epic.  

That would be such a burn if Walt didn’t even use that M60 in the final episode… I’m sure he will though.

Oh and in case you forgot:




2 responses to “Breaking Bad – M60 Machine Gun”

  1. Triple-necked boiling flasks are expensive… not that it seems to matter. Great vid!

  2. There’s probably a new ENDO shirt somewhere in that statement:
    THE M60 MACHINE GUN :deadliest of all machine guns due to the shoulder thing that goes up

    Maybe a T shirt with just the graphic of the hinged shoulder rest and buttplate footprint
    with “deadliest of all because of this” with an arrow pointing to the shoulder…