Richard Ryan Has No Love The iPhone 5S Goldie – Whistle Wetting

Back on his “shooting expensive stuff to piss you off” bit we all love so much:

I know there are levels to this shit, but I can’t wait until Richard Ryan is pulling in numbers like the former FPS Russia and he starts shooting lavish things like luxury vehicles and expensive timepieces.

Richard-Ryan-RatedRR-M2-BrowningRichard took the above video on Google Glass… I wish there was a video of him taking the video on google glass because I bet it looked hilarious.  Hopefully he will have that in the final video, or the behind the scenes that comes out on Sunday.  Like I mentioned in the title, this was just a preview video to wet our whistle.  Consider my whistle somewhere between damp and moist… I could have used more. LOL



8 responses to “Richard Ryan Has No Love The iPhone 5S Goldie – Whistle Wetting”

  1. bandroidx Avatar

    what happened to fps russia? he is in jail or some shit? or due to his manager dying and losing his access to NFA items?

    1. He’s just hasn’t posted nothing lately. He’s working on stuff though.

  2. Look how high and un-operator his hat looks in that photo. He needs a notch hat.

  3. Crunkleross Avatar


  4. He supposedly has new stuff filmed but is editing…

    He’s also uploading to his new channel as of very recently (playing video games not in russian character):

  5. IMO that guys should not be down range while you are shooting.

  6. The shark has been so far jumped that this makes chris costa look fresh and cutting edge