Response To The Starbucks Open Letter About Open Carry

MrColionNoir calls out Starbucks president Howard ‘Fucc Boi’ Schultz:

0:12 – The pro/anti gay argument to me is the exact same as what’s going on here with guns.

0:50 – yea no doubt… it’s a pain to have to pack up all my stuff when I get my 4th or 5th venti iced coffee refill of the day and need to take a leak.  That’s how the world works though I suppose.

MrColionNoir-Defend-Freedom-Tshirt-ENDOI enjoy MrColionNoir’s references because they remind me of my own, but I still have to always wonder if they are going over the heads of 99.9% of his audience like I think they are.  Oh well, mine probably do too, but we’re both doing alright.



21 responses to “Response To The Starbucks Open Letter About Open Carry”

  1. I think one of you smarter-than-I-folks need to throw up a website and start boycotting Starbucks in protection of our second amendment rights. Sign me up, screw Starbucks – I’m never going back.

    On a positive note: a local coffee shop here in East Texas posted signs that said they were a “Second Amendment Friendly business” and:

    “If you have a lawful carry permit, we’re going to welcome you here. We’re not going to fear you. We don’t want our customers to fear you,”

    They got so much support they had to re-open at 4:00pm to keep serving. The Mayor and local Senator were also in attendance.

    Story here:

  2. Look at it from the other side. You’re a theoretical college kid working at a Starbucks in Oregon. Mayeb you’ve shot a few times or hunting, but this isn’t Somalia, so you understandably get a bit nervous when someone walks through the door with an AR on his back. Especially with the rash of recent shootings, you’d think the firearms community would be more sensitive to the fact that walking around with a slung rifle makes people nervous. Shit, it would make me nervous, and if I owned the place I’d have you leave. Starbucks is a business, and they’ve rightly decided that they need to give their franchises some basis for telling the OC-assholes who want to show everyone their cool AK to GTFO, because those people are hurting their business.

    I think Colion Noir missed this time. Like the gay community, the firearms community is continually under attack. Like the gay community, the firearms community has a vocal minority of assholes who care very little about rights and presenting a positive message to the public about why we shouldn’t be feared, and instead get their jollies by being “in your face” with public demonstrations that are at the very least rude. (Yes, I just compared an OC-asshole with an AK to an out-of-control Pride event) Like the gay community, it’s time to start getting them under control and going back to presenting a positive, united front to the world, lest we (like the gay community) become a bunch of sub-groups fighting to do damage control everytime some idiot opens their mouth or decides to pt their personal love for public spectacle ahead of common decency.

    1. croppedxout Avatar

      Agreed, You can’t walk into Starbucks with your cock out so why would you do it with an AR? If you don’t like it, go somewhere else. I work for a large firearms manufacturer and guess what policy they have? “NO OPEN CARRY!” Concealed carry is perfectly acceptable and encouraged but open carry is not. It’s not an affront to my second amendment rights, its an affront to looking like a prick and making anyone around you who isn’t as comfortable with a weapon as you are, shit their pants. These OC activists keep going out making youtube videos wasting cops time when they could be out solving REAL problems instead of responding to an old ladies complaint that some guy is walking into Starbucks with an 870. The last thing the firearms community needs to be doing is pissing off people by being annoying and crying about not being able to brazenly bring their weapons into a place where, up until a few weeks ago, no body ever regularly brought a rifle, shotgun, or pistol just to try to “prove a point”.

  3. Crunkleross Avatar

    If you walk into Starbucks and see this guy are you going to feel good about it? I have to disagree with
    MrColionNoir on this one, idiots like this hurt us.

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      He looks like James Holmes. LOL

  4. One of my co-workers talks about how he bought a Colt SP1 at a mall in the 80’s, then slung it over his shoulder and shopped without having cops or security called on him, or being asked to leave. Continually, my older relatives also talk about the days when public schools had shooting classes and kids would bring their guns around with them in town. Times sure have changed…

  5. ROFL ‘fucc boi’. I had to look it up the definition is perfect.

  6. I was hoping someone would make this video so I didn’t have to butcher it myself.

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      It could be the most tactical Starbucks video, ever.

  7. SittingDown Avatar

    Howard “The Duck” Schultz is always ducking the issues. LOL

  8. ComradeGarcia Avatar

    Man I really wanna turn down the exposure on his video by a stop or so.

  9. MCN nailed-it. I agree with him completely; I wouldn’t open-carry because it tends to make you the first target of opportunity for bad guys. But, if Starbitch opens a store in an open-carry spot they should expect to have open-carry customers. Of course, they have the right to refuse service to anyone, but be prepared for the back-lash.

  10. Instead of blaming Starbucks for this… Maybe we should examine the actions of the over zealous open carry advocates who dragged Starbucks kicking and screaming into the gun debate?

    What did we really think Starbucks was gonna do?

    Their private property, their right to ask us not to act like goobers in their stores. They could have straight up banned firearms and put no gun signs by the door at every single one of their stores, but they didn’t. Instead, they respectfully asked that we please stop with the “take my picture brandishing an AR15 in Starbucks!” nonsense.

  11. Really like what MrColionNoir had to say. I think he hit it out of the ballpark. While I open carry a handgun about half the time I carry, I personally would not OC a long gun. I’m lucky I live in a state where OC is no big deal. He is right too about the divide between those that OC and CC. The worst I hear is from the anti-OC CC crowd. A lot of what they say isn’t far removed from what the anti-gun crowd says about 2nd Amendment supporters. I heard and read everything from OCers are compensating or showing off or cop wannabes, etc.. It’s pretty sad to see the divide. I say carry safe and carry how you want to carry..

    1. Divide and conquer. We already have enough backlash from, “pro-gun,” people who openly express their belief that the 2nd amendment only covers hunting rifles, shotguns and revolvers. This OC vs CC only helps keep us not unified.

  12. The need for a long-gun in a Starbucks is sort of where I draw a line as well. Now if I see OC handgun — I won’t say a word. If I see someone carrying a long gun, out of context, I’m going to say something — or at least ask why.

  13. SittingDown Avatar

    The “ambassadors” of OC: MarkedGuardian, Gabriel Nobles, Kwkrnu (Leonard Embody). Whoop there it is. LOL

    1. WHAM! We’re best friends now.

  14. Wow…I didn’t realize ENDO had so many pussies on it!

    “I think MrColinNoir missed waa, waa, waa…”
    “If I see an open carry I am uncomfortable waa, waa, waa…”

    You all need to drink a big glass of grow the fuck up.

    Why does every OTHER thing people decide to be or do get to be a “protected class” but the far end of the spectrum of gunownershipl have to remain subdued?? IT IS THEIR RIGHT PEOPLE – even if you don’t like it. I don’t give a shit if you are “uncomfortable” or it makes people “uneasy.”

    Your screaming-ass annoying 7 year old in the Starbucks makes me uncomfortable – but you still have the right to bring that cell phone carrying brat in the store and I don’t say anything.

    The ultra-flaming gay couple being openly affectionate and overly gay makes me uncomfortable – but you still have the right be the loudest, gayest couple in the store and I don’t say anything.

    The neo-nazi skin head wearing the wife beater and 8 foot chained wallet and combat boots offends me -but he still has the right be the most visually offensive person in the store and I don’t say anything.

    We all have the RIGHT in this country (for now) to be an individual so we better use it or lose it. And we better support ALL those people exercising that right because after they take away the gun owners rights because we didn’t support them – YOU ARE NEXT.

  15. Do we really want to shape our society around the loudest kid complaining at the back of the bus? I for one do not want to our rights determined via the lowest common denominator.

    After the St Valentine’s Day massacre, machine guns made people, “uncomfortable.”
    After Pearl Harbor was bombed, Japanese Americans made people, “uncomfortable”.
    After a mass shooting, semi-automatic AR15’s made people, “uncomfortable.”

    “Give someone an inch and they’ll take a mile.”

  16. Ah yes, OC.
    The Folsom Street Pride Parade of the 2nd Amendment movement.