Gunbusters – The Firearm Mutilator Machine

OH LAWD!  Is this real life?

Seeing a gun ground up like that is like seeing a puppy being shot in the face, or a bird’s beak broken in half.  All three are heartbreaking, and should never have to be even thought about.

What ever happened to just selling the guns to cartels or recirculating them to gang members to kill each other?  That’s far more humane and easier to stomach.

I want to throw a Deagle full of C4 in that machine just to send a message.

Gunbuster-Firearm-DestroyerGrind up the Hi-Points… save the Glocks.  I might start a movement… Facebook fan page coming soon.

You can visit the Gunbusters homepage, read more info and send them angry emails if you like.



17 responses to “Gunbusters – The Firearm Mutilator Machine”

  1. SittingDown Avatar

    @00:33 “Nein…Nein…..NEEEEEIIIIINNNNNNNN.” (English subs: No…No….Noooooooo!)

  2. Nice gunrunner reference! Should have thrown in a shirt ad as well! :)

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Damn, missed opportunities ;) I usually am on top of that. haha

  3. EveryoneLovesTheAR Avatar

    Why no love for the Hi-Point???

  4. You dont need this for glocks Mike, they just go in your local plastic recycling bin

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      Absolutely *cough* *snatches Glocks off table* *sneeze* It feels great to recycle. LOL

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      You can recycle porcelain? Regardless I think I’d rather just put it up for sale, and cash with more money than a police chief makes in a month.

      1. LOL….Love my Glock 7.

  5. NOOOOO!!!! those were good looking revolver frames, all of em… why…

  6. derpmaster Avatar

    I would have totally paid money for that rusty ass Ruger 22. What a shame.

  7. srlsy? a bird beak broken in half? that’s the best unthinkable thing you can come up with? a bird’s beak? lol

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      It was immediately what popped into my head after puppy being shot in the face. I thought you guys would get a rise out of it, so I went with it LOL.

  8. SittingDown Avatar

    No Glocks were harmed in the making of this video…because this machine was designed to find it morally reprehensible. :D

  9. IllTemperedCur Avatar

    $100k for an industrial shredder + video camera


    $200 for a Home Depot chop saw

  10. This was invented by a typical fat lefty St. Louis City cop and he put the damn thing in my city in Chesterfield MO