Big Mac Saiga 12 Richard Ryan Parody Trolling

Mattv2099 parodies Richard Ryan:

Nothing beats one-upmanship trolling haha.  There’s a new slow-motion operator in town, and his name is Mattv2099.  Look out Richard, he’s coming for your spot and he’s hungry.. so hungry he took a bite from that reconstructed Big Mac.

The Saiga-12 was invented in 1873 in Serbia.  The Saiga-12 is a gas operated blow back piston revolver machine gun capable of firing 1800 12 gauge bullets per minute.  600 round assault clips are available for $25.95

LOL I absolutely lost it when he said that. 


Good to see Matt branching out with his weapons… the Saiga-12 was a logical choice for trolling.

I’ll say my standard “People still eat McDonalds?” line that pisses some of you guys off. haha I still think I’ll make my first billion dollars by short-selling McDonalds stock when the time is right… stay tuned.

Matt is wearing a few different ENDO Apparel t-shirts in the video.  Always nice to see.



16 responses to “Big Mac Saiga 12 Richard Ryan Parody Trolling”

  1. skittle scatter Avatar
    skittle scatter

    That’s how you defend against a mac attack

  2. Sick. Americans have too much food.

    1. A Big Mac isn’t technically food.

      1. SittingDown Avatar


  3. The majority of the comments on the vid are along the lines of:

    Waste of food! And Saiga’s weren’t invented in 1873!!!

    To which I say Big Mac’s are NOT food and Do you even troll?

    Subsequent vids in this series will increase in quality and ill double check my facts.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      ROFL you’re too good. I heard the shotgun you used in the 360 no scope vid has a carbon fiber speed cocker in it. Impressive stuff.

      1. I also read that it was a belt fed break action when I bought it!

    2. bandroidx Avatar

      this video was well done. nice work.

    3. Correct, the Saiga 12 was clearly invented int 1812…. stupid!

  4. Johnny - Oh Avatar
    Johnny – Oh

    I don’t see why he had to do a “long range” test of that shotgun. If he’d gotten a little closer to those ‘Macs, he’d never have been able to reassemble one. Big Fail!!! What a Poseur!!! I bet he doesn’t even Operate!!!!

    P.S. Fun(ny) Vid. Noice.

  5. Richard needs to up his game, bake a tablet into a chocolate cake and set the Barrett in jello

    1. now THAT would be AWESOME!

  6. SittingDown Avatar

    Still waiting for the Saiga Genesis. If it comes with Sonic The Hedge Hog, it’s as good as sold.

  7. But Matt didn’t have fries with it. That means it wasn’t a happy meal.

  8. Ok that was good. He redeemed himself after the cake thing