Buck Yeager Needs Your Help With A Tattoo Idea

This tattoo is going to be pretty famous apparently *eye roll*:

1:25 – yea the tattoo is going to be famous, but he can’t tell you exactly why.

My tattoo idea for him:

A Jackass Steve-O style picture of himself with the caption “I’m gonna start killin’ people” with a full color American flag backdrop flanked by eagles ripping the heads off of Taliban shitheads.  The tattoo will gradually fade down to the lower back area where the 2nd Amendment is written out over top of an AR-15 schematic tramp stamp just above subdermal implants which spell out “Your responsibility to be ready for the fight never ends” in braille.  The entire back will also have a 2nd layer only visible under black light containing a downrange photographer, and large Old English writing stating “NOT A COWARD“.

James-Yeager-Angel-ApprovedI’m interested to see what he gets… that said, hearing people talk about their tattoos and tattoo ideas in real life I find about as interesting as watching paint dry.



19 responses to “Buck Yeager Needs Your Help With A Tattoo Idea”

  1. bandroidx Avatar

    as soon as i saw the title i knew that guy from atlanta would be involved

  2. That was a very detailed tattoo idea Endo Mike… I feel like a whole lot of picturing Mr. yeagers lower back area went into that ;)

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Haha gross

  3. In this video they did a good job at make fun of Yeager and his tattoos. The video isn’t that funny, but @2:41 is when they make fun of his tattoos. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7W9XJqWgPk

    1. SittingDown Avatar


    2. elephantrider Avatar

      Ha! Dick-farm armband tattoo.

  4. he should totally tattoo an operator running away from a firefight

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      A gearbox shift pattern too.

      1. Matt in FL Avatar

        I laughed out loud. Well done.

  5. Seems he gets a little more crazy-eyed each time I see him. He’s gone from being “haha kinda nuts” to “seriously, he might kill you.”

    1. CopperTopTX Avatar

      Right?? And why was he so itchy in this vid? Like he was really nervous and/or having heroin withdrawals…

      1. Matt in FL Avatar

        Yeah, I came down here to day that apparently he’s replaced rolling his shoulders with pulling the front of his shirt down and scratching his solar plexus as his nervous tics of choice.

      2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        haha yea #BuckYeagerProblems

  6. SittingDown Avatar

    He should get a tattoo of himself. Life size tattoo.

  7. THANK YOU Endo-Mike, I feel the same way every time I hear a new shit head start to go on about how, “and this tattoo represents how I love douche and the way it smells…” It’s a tattoo, jackass, not a life changing new religious belief. You’re coloring your skin with permanent marker, not finding a cure for cancer.

  8. elephantrider Avatar

    Buck Angel portrait tattoo.

  9. Shooter McGavin Avatar
    Shooter McGavin

    Damn, I had to stop it after he said “Hotlanta”.

  10. SerbWizard Avatar

    Actually got in an argument with the Atlanta dude on Instagram over tagging #BuckYeager in a meme a friend made. I told him to go tactically jump in a ditch like his buddy James did.

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      Did he died?