When Trolling A Troll Goes Disturbingly Far

We already know Mattv2099 trolls with the best of them. Check these videos out which a youtuber (fan? serial killer?) made to troll him. Disturbing to say the least:

Mattv2099-Standard-30I really hope those videos are just for LOLs… if not Matt should be sleeping with one eye open and his hand on his Glock 17 with one in the chamber and a 600 round assault clip.

The creepy Buffalo Bill “Goodbye Horses” song, and the general Buffalo Bill-esque theme of all the videos weirds me out.

I’m just waiting for a future video where the master troll gets telephoto lens footage of Matt doing day to day stuff recored with heavy breathing, creepily edited in songs, and other things to make the hair on my arms stand up.

It rubs the lotion on it’s skin or else it gets the hose again?  Thoughts?


37 responses to “When Trolling A Troll Goes Disturbingly Far”

  1. hnl.flyboy Avatar

    WTF, MIKE?!

    I felt violated just watching >_<

  2. Could it be Trollbation, the art of trolling one’s self?

  3. Half of me was laughing…half of me was cringing…and half of me was just….

    trying to figure out why I have 3 halves.

  4. Somewhere in the future, this will be prosecution exhibit A.

  5. I think Q Lazzarus is the real victim here.

    1. That’s a woman singing that track? yeesh

  6. Please. For my sake. Don’t encourage him.

    1. Have you been outtrolled?

      1. I don’t consider criminal activity to be “trolling.”

        1. It’s not illegal if you say yes ;)

  7. What the fuck did we just watch?

  8. What band is singing the scorpions cover in the second video?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I figured it was the original track, just slowed down in an audio editing program. Maybe not though.

  9. shockfish08 Avatar

    It puts the lotion on the Glock or else it gets the… the… block?

  10. BBJones Avatar

    Well I didn’t know what I would talk to my shrink about today. Now I have a few sessions worth of conversation.

  11. AndyHasky Avatar

    Looking in mirror at self: “would you operate with me? I’d operate with me, I’d operate in hostile conditions with me”

  12. My guess is that it’s Cory. I mean, think about it. Erika is off limits for a while…

  13. This blog has quite a variety of content, which until now was quite enjoyable. Why this crap Mike?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Mattv2099 is a friend of ENDO, and this is a milestone in trolling! It had to be reported.

  14. I thoroughly enjoyed every fucked up second of whatever the hell I just watched.

  15. SittingDown Avatar

    *eating baklava…gags…baklava on screen* LOL

  16. I think one of the truly disturbing aspects of these videos is that he’s a Rockies fan. His madness may know no bounds…

  17. Gaaahhhh……. Think I’d move.

  18. John Grammaticus Avatar
    John Grammaticus

    Costa Ludus videos are getting really ridiculous it seems.

  19. Matt, open a training school and this guy is sure to show up.

    1. I own the youtube channels OperatorDynamics and OperatorResponse.
      My C.O.A. From CarniK Con serve as my credentials.

      Matthew James
      Owner, founder, CEO & President of The Operator Group ™

      1. Oh yeah.

        Your responsibility to be ready for the Operation ™ never ends.

        1. SittingDown Avatar

          You’re a bad bad man. :D

  20. This is /k/ in a nutshell.

    1. Sup /k/ommando.

  21. I made it to 49 seconds. That is just fucked up.

  22. Maybe a disgruntled Glock employee? lol

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar


  23. What? I guess this is a couple the NSA missed? Fuck my tax dollars!

  24. epic. I can’t stop watching it.

  25. Surfernbama Avatar

    Sleep with the G20. Hasn’t been tortured like your 17. Plus, bigger holes for the sick f***!