Operating In Inverse Strategic Environments

Dynamic strategic operational system demonstrated in a non-disruptive training environment:

travis-haley-magpul-dynamics-CEOI hate being upside down.  The ability to shoot upside down while someone holds your legs could save your life though.  Remember that.



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    I was doing this on Tuesday with the 9 year old British kid (video from earlier in the week). There will be another video showing that this skill is so operator that a 9 year from England old can do it. Look for the video next week.

  3. Everyone that kinda maybe ever operated is now trying to cash in on “tactical” training…

  4. G-Tactical Avatar

    Last time I had a man hold my ankles, I had blood in my stool for like two weeks.

    Did I just think that out loud?

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      Sorry about that. I got a little rough.

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      Just because you think it, doesn’t mean you have to say it…

    3. dgdimick Avatar

      Didn/t I see that in a p0rn movie a few years back?

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    He won’t be so gung-ho when he gets a spinal compression injury. LOL

  6. Waiting for the tactical trampoline training video (probably by absuperman and or dugan). It would be perfect for tactical titties, but now shes knocked up bouncing is probably out.

  7. They’ll be ready when we get into outer space in a big way.

  8. I don’t see that being difficult so much as uncomfortable. At least he gives forewarning that it is nonsense.