ENDOmercial – Hilarious ENDO Apparel Commercial

LOL wow this is epic.  I’m flattered:

absuperman-ENDO-ApparelAbsuperman is so priceless.  The addtion of FXhummel1 and Dugan from Carnik Con in the mix as well was so great.

I don’t want to spoil any of the jokes for you guys, but needless to say the video is a must watch.

You heard them, head over to ENDO Apparel for some great gun related t-shirts!



15 responses to “ENDOmercial – Hilarious ENDO Apparel Commercial”

  1. “ENDO Apparel, they’re so amazing – they’re amazing!”
    Pretty much the best thing I’ve heard today.

  2. bandroidx Avatar

    with the newness of them, can we forgive him for not having a new endo hat?

  3. Regulus Avatar

    These guys

  4. Wow. That was some tier -9 intergalactic operational stuff right there. I dont even operate.

  5. Needz moar XL sizes!

  6. Wait so, you weren’t the one who put them to this?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      No! It was sure a nice surprise. Haha

  7. Don't shoot me bro Avatar
    Don’t shoot me bro

    It pains me to say this, but this is a total Bobby Possumcod rip off. Unoriginal bastards.

    1. Absuperman Avatar

      Who is Bobby Possumcod? (and no I’m not kidding, seriously who is this person)

      1. Don't shoot me bro Avatar
        Don’t shoot me bro

        His meth commercial is legendary. Certainly you have found him by now.

        1. Absuperman Avatar

          Yeah just watched him…he plays the part wel, lolz at the lightsaber bit. But no sorry I can’t say he played any inspirational role in this vid, didn’t know the dude till today. My vid is just Amos being Amos…

          1. Don't shoot me bro Avatar
            Don’t shoot me bro

            Great minds think alike and share humor. In that instance, excuse my unoriginal bastards proclamation.

            1. Absuperman Avatar

              Proclamation excused

  8. Funniest home-brew commercial I’ve ever seen.

    Bar none.


  9. They do not come in fat boy sizes…me no wear.