Self-Defense Laws Of All 50 States – Book Giveaway

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If you carry a weapon for self-defense, it’s definitely in your best interest to know the laws.  A simple purchase such as this book could keep your ass out of jail and save you a whole lot of money someday.

Attorney Mitch Vilos and Evan Vilos teamed up and went to great efforts to make sure that this comprehensive book is both clear and reliable.   The fact it’s written in plain easy to understand english (not loaded with fancy legal jargon), and even contains light humor here and there make it way more enjoyable than you would expect a book on law to be.

Make sure and enter the giveaway below, but know that you can also head over to the Firearms Law website and pick one up for $29.95 at any time.  A book such as this would make a great gift!

How To Enter (U.S. Residents Only):

  1. In the comments below I want to know what state you live in.
  2. What you like or dislike about your state when it comes to shooting / firearms.

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145 responses to “Self-Defense Laws Of All 50 States – Book Giveaway”

  1. California here.
    Looking on the silver lining, I like that I’m close to firearm friendly states and that I’m still actually thankfully allowed to own firearms and live in this state.

  2. Flash supressors and adjustable stocks are evil in Massachusetts. Also, ten rounds might soon be too many.

  3. Shooter Mcgavin Avatar
    Shooter Mcgavin

    State: CA

    Dislikes of firearms regs: Dont get me started.

  4. Richard Avatar

    Pennsylvanian here. Right now I’m fairly happy with how it is, but I would love for the CCing age to come down to 18 like some other states. I’m only 19 and trying to find a way to get around waiting 2 years, which I think I did.

  5. Florida:

    We are a very gun-friendly state. Our laws are pretty much on par as Texas as far as owning NFA items and we don’t have any Feinstein types to tell us how big our magazines have to be. We also have a fair SYG laws that recently extended to being able to defend yourself outside your home (basically anywhere you are legally able to carry). Our concealed permits are valid longer than Texas (Texas is renewal every 5 years vs. our 7).

  6. California.
    I like the fact that I can actually own a gun still (compared to all this hype I’m hearing about the really crazy states like New York), but I hate the fact that I’m still stuck with 10 rounds (if I’m only allowed 10 rounds, you bet that they’ll be the largest caliber possible to make up for my lack of capacity.) Even worse, my representatives are requiring that all new guns sold must have primer microstamping capabilities… Come on now. And it’s coming from a fellow Asian too!

  7. Nico Palmucci Avatar
    Nico Palmucci

    State: The People’s Republic of New Jersey


    >Pretty much nothing. Possibly the worst state to be a gun owner in, if not tied with another for first place.


    >the assault weapons ban has been in effect since before the Federal AWB was passed

    >Firearms ID required to purchase long guns in the state. To apply, you must release health records, submit your fingerprints/palm prints to a national database, give two non-family references that they WILL contact by mail to ask about your temper, if you have a drug problem, do you drink, etc. You also are run through three separate background checks, local, state, and federal which all use paper based systems in use since the 60s. The law states you must be approved or denied within 30 days, but this is very rarely followed and loopholes are exploited so that the average turn around time is around three months, with extreme cases being 18+ months.

    >if you want to purchase a handgun, you fill out a form similar to the one to get an FID. You can only purchase a single handgun every 30 days and the permits expire after 90, meaning you can only apply for three at a time. You can get an extension or permit to purchase several handguns a transaction, but you will RARELY be approved. In some cases, the date they are issued is when they are signed by the chief, and the firearms permit officer will contact you to pick them up several weeks after this, meaning by the time you pick them up, two weeks have already been taken from the clock.

    >It is a “may issue” state for conceal carrying, but “self defense” is not an acceptable reason for your application. As a result, there are likely more people that have been struck by lightning in North America in the last 200 years than the number of civilians who currently possess a valid CCW in this state.

    I could continue this wall of text, but I’d suggest anyone check out these links for more info on the gun laws in this terrible state

    1. Quick note. In NJ you can apply for 5 hand gun permits at a time. Getting a 90 day extension (one extension per permit) just takes the police chief’s signature on the handgun permit. I suppose it depends on your town, but for me it was no problem. They didn’t even ask for a reason why I needed it extended.

      absurd laws in NJ

  8. Indiana.
    We have it good. Very good. Lifetime carry licenses, state preemption, no magazine limits, no “evil features” limits, and recognition of most other states’ permits. The only real negative is the limits on what you can carry and use on State land during hunting season, which really isn’t that bad.

  9. HImtn71 Avatar

    What I dislike most is that there are very few places to shoot and the laws are horrible.

  10. Blazing Zero Avatar
    Blazing Zero


    I agree with Ben, we got it pretty good. I just cant own a short barrel shotgun, but AOW shotgun is perfectly OK. I dont get it….

  11. Montana USA

    Not much to gripe about, i would support unconditional concealed carry in place of our shall-issue, and i think our Switchblade knife laws are a little odd. But again not complaining, a lot have it way worse than here.

  12. Oregon
    I love living in an open carry state that also allows concealed carry at State colleges. I also like that a decent number of liberals in the state are pro gun, so it’s not a partisan issue in our State politics.

  13. From: Washington
    Currently: Virginia

    Ironically (for Washington) both states have great laws for CCW. Only problem I encounter is being stationed in Maryland meaning I can’t buy handguns in Virginia due to federal law; and Maryland (where I have to buy any handguns, unless I want to fly home to Washington) passed a massive weapons ban that takes effect in October of this year.

    1. If you live in VA and you can prove residency in VA, then where you’re stationed is irrelevant. If you try to show them your military ID and orders to MD, then no, that’s not going to work in VA. But if you reside in VA and can prove it (photo ID plus secondary ID with the same address), you should be good. The only hiccup I can see is if you still hold a WA driver’s license, at which point you’ll either have to give it up for a VA driver’s license (per the VA DMV website) or deal with MD being a whole bucket of fail. I tried to see if you could hold a VA state ID (non-driver’s license) and a driver’s license from another state, but no dice.

      From what you’ve given, the only thing preventing you from purchasing a handgun in VA would be inability to prove your residency here. It’s sort of goofy that you can’t purchase a gun in the state that you literally reside in right now, but you’re already doing better than most people by being able to claim residency in two states. You might be able to have WA issue you a new card with your current address on it which would allow you to buy in MD and VA without dropping your WA license.

  14. Whats not to like about New Hampshire gun laws? Live Free or Die!!

  15. Connecticut and it’s ten round magazine limit.

  16. Reppin’ TEXAS Ya’ll

    Just look at our Governor. He fires off rounds at public speeches and kills wild animals while out for a jog….nuff said.

  17. Pa
    Like that except for Philly it’s a great state for guns

  18. From: GA
    Really wished I could “lawfully” carry in church.

  19. Geoff Ross Avatar
    Geoff Ross

    Pennsylvania Here, former New York resident for 55 years. I like PA because it is not NY! Has reasonable laws regarding CCW and no restrictions on “Assault Rifles”, Magazines, and NFA weapons.

    Dislikes are minor, FFL required for handgun transfers between private parties, no sunday hunting and no Autoloading Rifles allowed for hunting. The State Police maintain a less than legal register of handguns sold in the state. Some local Barneys try to use this as a Handgun Registration list and may hassel gunowners until they get into court.

    Anti gun Philadelphia politicians continue to try to circumvent state laws and get shot down, unlike neighboring NY where NY City runs the state. Night and Day difference between neighboring states.

    BTW I love being able to shoot in my backyard.

  20. Dave Ley Avatar


    Overall I can’t complain, I have my lifetime Concealed Carry Permit and it was easy enough to get.
    We don’t have any of the Colorado magazine limits, New York “evil feature” laws, and we have pretty good reciprocity. However, like Ben B. said above there are the caliber restrictions on rifle hunting which is a major bummer. Indiana is a gun friendly state and doesn’t seem to be headed for a change.

    Side note: when it comes to suppressors, we seem to be a little behind the curb. In order to own a suppressor in Indiana you all but forfeit your fourth amendment rights.

  21. Jersey here.. Everything is illegal here unless you get permission.. NO CHANCE of ever obtaining a CCW in New Jersey, 15rd mag limits, one handgun a month limit preceded by a draconian “permit” system that in some towns you have to wait 4 to 6 months to even get(purchase) a permit to purchase a handgun. We have folks waiting over 1yr just to get there Firearms ID Card. Semi-auto only, no suppressors, fixed/pinned stocks on any firearm that has an adjustable stock. All firearms purchases (aside from private, face to face) must go thru an FFL, paying a “transfer fee” and Nics fee for each transaction. Basically no rights for self defense.. I could go on forever….

  22. Matthew Flynn Avatar
    Matthew Flynn

    Rhode Island

    Good luck getting a permit…..

  23. I live in Maryland and I hate everything about the gun laws, mainly that I can’t carry at all and things are only going to get worse in Oct.

  24. Don Bridson Avatar
    Don Bridson

    Illinois doesn’t really have a second amendment, we just got concealed carry passed, but the socialists in Shitcago have so many restrictions on it you really can’t defend your self anywhere’s. The commies in Shitcago don’t have any common sense about guns or gun laws, hence the high murder rates. The Shitcago legislators believe they have a divine right to impose their socialist will on anyone who lives south of Interstate 80 (the “dividing line” between Shitcago and a decent place in Illinois). We are not allowed suppressors at all, a suppressor turns a man into a killer. We hope to get rid of socialist gun haters next election.

  25. hnl.flyboy Avatar


    Though we technically have concealed carry per the law, this may-issue state is a virtual no-issue state because no police chief allows it.

  26. Patrick Avatar

    South Carolina
    Dislikes: No open(constitutional) carry and no hunting with suppressors.

  27. Jerry R Avatar

    IL and Fl.
    I have a non resident CCL permit from FL and the mandatory FOID from IL.
    IL still has to state the requirements to obtain a CCL. As long as you stay clear of Chicago, and try not to spend any money in Cook County, I can live with our overbearing laws.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      WINNER #5 – Please contact me with your mailing address by Friday.

  28. Connecticut, Do I really need to say what I don’t like about our restrictions? I don’t think I have enough space for that!

  29. Texas: Life is good here

  30. agentorange197 Avatar

    It is unlawful for me to carry a Shotgun Walking Cane. That is a 2 year Minimum sentence. I figured when I get old I could have this really bad ass shotgun cane, and my dreams were crapped on. Now I guess I shall have to make a Flamethrower Cane to comply with state law.

  31. MurrrMan Avatar


    After many vetoes from our previous govs., the great Scott Walker finally signed the bill into law for CCW. The main thing that sucks is the weather changes and the multiple carrying options you need to have depending on the temperature. Shooting is great in WI with the wide open spaces.

  32. Pennsylvania here.
    My biggest gripe is that of the six states bordering us, we only have carry permit reciprocity with one (West Virginia). Another minor complaint, is Philadelphia acting as a separate entity as it comes to a variety of laws, so I stay in the Mid-State far away from them.

  33. State: MN
    Regs: Recently, I found out that MN doesn’t allow private possession of suppressors. How stupid is that?

  34. Bowser B Johnson Avatar
    Bowser B Johnson

    I live in New York…

    New York ranks number 50 in states was the worst gun laws and that was before the NY SAFE Act. My CCW abilities have been cut so now I can only load 7 rounds in a pistol. You want a Desert Eagle? too bad it weighs over 50oz so that makes it an assault weapon. AR-15? AR-15 with a thumbhole stock and bullet mag? Nope its an evil, evil gun. Does you firearm have a threaded barrel, weighs over 50oz, has a forward grip, detachable mag not in the grip, or any other single “evil” feature? Because in NY we don’t. We have had are balls snipped off and teeth corked.

  35. MosinMango Avatar


    With a CCW, you are technically permitted to carry literally everywhere except city busses. All other locations, even the typical ones, is not a crime to carry. Though, if the police are summoned you can be fined 100 bucks for the first time.

    And I am ABOUT to love the veto override of HB436, the second ammendment protection act, which nullifies all federal gun laws post 1791.

  36. I live in New Jersey.
    The amount of bullshit I have to put up with as a gun owner is painful.
    First off you have to apply for a handgun licence that is separate from the rifle and shotgun licence that you have to get first. (It took me 8 months to get my rifle and shotgun permit.) Then once the state approves you for a handgun licence (which can take months also) you have 30 days to buy and register your hand gun with the state. If you do not buy a hand gun in that 30 day period or if you want a second handgun you have to go through the process again.

    Now if you want to use that handgun for self defense and get your Concealed Carry licence, well, you cant. NJ is a May Issue State, which basically means that only retired cops and Armour car employees can have a CCL.

    Im sorry for the long post, but I can sit here all day talking about NJs great gun laws that protect me and my fellow citizens for crime and violence.

  37. Garrett Avatar


    Our CCW law is decent but our reciprocity stinks. Thankfully, states like Utah allow us to get non resident permits so we can carry in more states. Our switchblade law here is dumb though. Can carry a gun but not a knife that has a button to open it automatically…derp…

  38. Zachary Avatar

    New York

    I can list too many things that I dislike that everyone in this blog already knows about New York state laws, regulations, and bonehead politicians. New York is one of the worst states out there, and not only do they do their best to infringe the rights of their own residents, they also try to be an ‘example’ state and act all high and mighty so that other states may follow. It is poor leadership, they don’t listen to the people, and it is shameful here.

    However, I can tell you what I do like about New York state when it comes to firearms and shooting: The folks who are part of the NYS community of firearms owners and recreational shooters and hunters. If you get to talk with someone from NY who owns a gun and enjoys shooting, they are passionate about their rights to a great extent. Gun owners of NY have shown they will support each other and band together to make their voice heard. The comradery amongst NYS gun owners is extremely impressive; part due to a strong community and part due to necessity to band together against poor leadership. NYS may not be a great state when it comes to gun rights, but we have some of the best and most passionate gun owners in the country.

  39. VA

    Not specifically gun related, but VA does not have the Castle Doctrine. Also, VA Code doesn’t define “loaded” (is that Condition 1 or Condition 3?) though with a CCW, it’s kind of a moot point. Can’t really complain about anything else; things are pretty sensible.

  40. Pennsylvania.
    The only things I dislike about PA is that it should be a Constitutional carry state, and we should have an intrastate commerce law that allows anything that’s made in the state and stays in the state to avoid federal regulations.

  41. Minnesota here

    We’re pretty good, except for no suppressors. And the whole permit to purchase thing, which isnt actually that annoying when you realize it takes a simple NICS call and a sub-week wait.

  42. Virginia

    What’s not to like — we’re NRA country. Literally. They have HQ range here (and it’s pretty nifty!)

  43. Louisiana

    The laws concerning carry are fine, but God forbid you use your weapon to defend yourself against a prowler who jumps your fence at 2 am in a crime-ridden neighborhood in New Orleans. The libtard dominated local government and their muscle (the NOPD) will arrest you, the homeowner, for defending your family and property and charge you with attempted second degree murder. Don’t believe me? See for yourself:

    Did the prowler get charged with any crime whatsoever, tresspassing, curfew violation, theft, anything? Nope.

    Have the prowler’s legal guardians been charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor for allowing him to run the streets at 2 am knowing that he is a “professional thief” awaiting trial for “stealing stuff?” Nope.

    Does the libtard dominated media affectionately refer to this prowler as a 14 year old “boy”, young “child,” and cram the impression that this is a poor little boy who accidently wound up in a bad situation down our throats? Oh yeah.

    Is this being turned into a race issue? You betcha.

    It is a sad, sad day when law abiding citizens are held out as criminals and criminals are praised and rewarded for their efforts all in the name of stirring up votes for someone’s sleazy political career.

  44. State: California

    Magazine capacity, may issue state when it comes to CCW, and the fact you can only buy handguns which are on an approved list.

  45. Taylor TX Avatar
    Taylor TX

    TX (surprise I know)

    That I dont ever have to worry about needing some sort of bullshit ammo buying permit

  46. N.J

    Too long wait time for permit, too much paperwork..

  47. Virginia. I like the fact that Nanny Bloomberg thinks our guns are the cause of his crime in NY, I like that there’s no more one handgun a month limit anymore, and I don’t like being so close to gun-unfriendly states/DC.

  48. MrMaigo Avatar


    The one I really like, no city can make a weapon law that infringes on state law. No Chicago gun ban BS, a mom can’t push through a ban auto-knives or high capacity baby-killers in her city.

  49. Ohio. Unlike most other states, if you use deadly force in self defense, in court the burden shifts to you to prove that you were acting in self defense.

  50. lucusloc Avatar

    I live in Oregon, and I hate how i need a permit to CC, but I relocated from California so I cannot complain too much.

  51. Utah here (home of Mitch Vilos).

    I love it because it has very intelligent firearms laws and I don’t have to go to a crowded, restricted, square range to shoot. I can take a quick drive out to the west desert and have plenty of space to myself.

  52. Steveweiser Avatar


    There are a lot of caveats as to where you can legally carry concealed.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      WINNER #1 – Please contact me with your mailing address by Friday.

  53. Georgia

    Like: There are guns everywhere. By that I mean there is a large firearms community here.

    Dislike: (I realize I semi contradict myself here) There is no qualification that takes plce to get you CCW. Now I know some people will say thats BS b/c that could make it more difficult to get your CCW, but I believe there have been too many people out there (everywhere not just GA) buying weapons and not knowing how to use them and/or how to be safe with them. Someone who doesnt have even basic training of firearms and is out carrying is just as dangerous as a criminal

  54. John Shore Avatar
    John Shore

    I was born and live in Alaska, which is known as the ‘Last Frontier;’ We are extremely fortunate in that our state government is very conservative and Libertarian, and we have ‘open carry,’ universal concealed carry laws (no permit required) AND a shall-issue optional concealed-carry-permit system for those wishing reciprocal rights in those states that allow it. The optional CCW program has easy requirements, a short law class and short, simple live-fire qualification. Our Constitution does not allow a municipality to overrule State law, so State law rules everywhere. Our governor has signed Stand Your Ground into law, which takes effect this September, and we have had the Castle Doctrine for years. Our State senators and congressman know well that they would be sent packing at the next election should they vote in favor of any national gun-control legislation. We can own Class III weapons, silencers, and pretty much anything else one can get a Federal license to possess. We have many private and public ranges, and the public ones are State-run–and they are safe, disciplined, and well-maintained.

    Sorta makes you wish you lived here, right?

    1. No, I like my summers with beaches and hot chicks in bikinis.

      1. John Shore Avatar
        John Shore

        We have both of those. More coastline than any other state, and more lakes. This year has had a record string of temperatures above 70, saw days in the 90s in the Anchorage area, and the Fairbanks area is consistently above 80 in the summer.

        1. You left out the Hot Chicks in Bikinis part :-)

  55. Beautiful TENNESSEE. Blessed to live in a state with sensible gun laws. Honestly don’t have any complaints, yet…

  56. C.Hamel Avatar


    Extreme lax gun laws here, you can walk into a shop buy a box of ammo and a handgun with a holster to match and walk out with them in less than 20 minutes even get extended mags if you so choose, and upon leaving the store you can carry concealed or open, the only prerequisite being you are old enough to buy the gun your carrying.

    An armed society is a polite society.


    As you have already heard from others before me Indiana is a FIREARMS FRIENDY STATE. I have a lifetime concealed carry handgun permit witch was very easy to get. As long as your not a dumbass or felon pay your money do your paper work and you will have it in most cases about two to three weeks. However there is a caliber issue in deer season that applies to rifles and handguns as Dave ley and Ben b. have stated. There is work being done to correct this. Hopefully it will take effect this hunting season. Indiana is also working on letting sound suppressor’s to be used during the hunting seasons witch I think is a great thing. If more of the people out there were to share more of there knowledge on suppressor’s with the general public that believe the Hollywood version of suppressor’s making almost no sound at all I think it would help greatly. Almost any time I go to a range to play it never fails that someone will come up and ask me if that’s one of them fake suppressor’s because they could hear my gun when it was fired. I most always take the time to inform them of just what a sound suppressor really does and what it can do and what it will not do. The suppressor that gets most of the attention is the advanced armament M4-2000 NSA 1005-01-543-4656 cage: 3K8N3. I use this on my registered M-16-M4. Other than that I think hell would freeze over before Indiana ever thought about mag restriction and all the other stuff that I am not going to type out because you understand what I am saying here.

  58. I live in Utah, I like that the laws are so gun friendly… but here in salt lake and utah county a lot of people aren’t. They like the idea of guns, but not people with guns. A lot of people think we have california gun laws as well.

  59. California resident.

    I’m lucky enough to be less than an hour from one of the few gun clubs left in Southern California.

  60. Colorado – the recent 15 round mag limit is dumb.

  61. Oregon:

    The laws are fairly reasonable here for the most part. The CHL process is generally quick and easy, and you can carry anywhere but places banned by federal law. Open carry is also legal, so we don’t have to worry about printing or accidentally revealing our weapon.

  62. Matt in FL Avatar
    Matt in FL

    Florida (of course)

    I’d like the ability to open carry if I choose to, because sometimes it would just be more convenient than concealed, but the first thing I’d change about our laws is campus carry. I’m a 36 year old man going back to school, and I intensely dislike the legal requirement to disarm just because I’m on campus. My classes often go late into the night, and it’s not unusual that I’m all alone in the parking garage/parking lot. Or at least I appear to be, and that’s the problem.

    1. Taylor TX Avatar
      Taylor TX

      This is a huge beef of mine as well as a graduate student. Even though TX state law now allows public colleges to set their own rules, most Private colleges (SMU) have banned them entirely. My little satellite campus even had a security scare last year which meant that for 3 months there was campus PD there, now its back to an unarmed old man security guard.

      Its about the softest target you could want, no locked entrances during the day, central lobby exits/entrances and no possibility of resistance. Drives me crazy.

      It makes me want to carry very badly but its thats education cost vs potential rule breaking cost vs cost of my life.

  63. JordanV Avatar

    NC- I dig the new allowances for concealed carry in establishments serving alcohol…

  64. Texas.

    Like, great laws concerning self defense and protection of property (yep, that is right we can shoot people to protect property).
    Dislike — No Open Carry.

    Like – Mild Winters means we can shoot most of the year long.
    Dislike — Summers just a few degrees shy of the surface of the sun means we can’t shoot long during the height of summer.

    1. The surface of the sun would be cooler than the large expanse of parking lot I cross every day at work here in DFW.

      I saw a bird egg drop from a nest and it hatched before it hit the ground.

  65. AndyHasky Avatar


    Not much to dislike, only thing I can think of off the top of my head is no open carry of handguns, I believe long guns are ok

    1. Taylor TX Avatar
      Taylor TX

      Slung on your back in a manner not calculated to alarm, but at this point and time with the “public’s” view of guns, Its probably not advised.

      This was in Waco recently

  66. Arizona, a lot to like in AZ, but I’m sad I cannot carry on campus. That’s about all I can think of.

  67. AAFES Hot Dog Guy Avatar
    AAFES Hot Dog Guy

    You have to be 21 to CCW, and CCW is not allowed on campus.

  68. Washington.

    Dislike: State prohibition on possession of short barreled rifles, short barreled shotguns, and machine guns as defined by the NFA.

    Truthfully though, I’m one of those folks who thinks everything should be legal…

    1. And also no campus carry and one must be 21 to open carry or to obtain a permit for concealed carry.

  69. CopperTopTX Avatar


    I like most of our laws, but as a high school teacher, I sure wish they’d allow those of us with concealed carry permits to carry at work!!

  70. love- open carry without a permit, castle doctrine

    hate- cant hunt with a semi auto, the flyers (go pens!)

  71. I live in Ohio. I like that my state has some great public ranges that are very inexpensive, but I dislike the fact that I have to drive over an hour to get to one! #firstworldproblems

  72. Connor Kolacki Avatar
    Connor Kolacki

    Arizona here!

    I love AZ is because I’m free to carry, even though I’m only 20. This makes things WAY interesting in the little liberal college town of Flagstaff when I do carry. I love the reactions of the hippies and soccer moms I get.
    I guess the thing I dislike is all of the Fudd rednecks buying up ALL THE GODDAMNED AMMO.

  73. JarHeadVet Avatar

    New Jersey:

    There are so many hoops you need to jump through to get a “Permit to Purchase” that there are very few people that actually go through with the process in the state. Which makes running a firing range not very profitable, which means there are less than a hand-full of ranges state wide. Which means if you want to shoot, you need to travel. Usually far.

  74. I live in Arkansas, the thing that bugs me about my state is that the supposedly pro gun (he billed himself that way when he ran) Attorney General Dustin McDaniel has effectively killed open carry and the arming of faculty at schools with two AG opinions. This guy routinely comes down on the wrong side of liberty.
    One thing i really like is that the states Open Carry law is pretty liberal and our state has great hunting and fishing.

    1. Ceephus Banks Avatar
      Ceephus Banks

      Fishing and hunting are damn sure awesome here. I’m still waiting on the first test of Act 746 to see where the courts will stand.

  75. New Mexico

    Laws are great out here, would like to see more in the way of castle laws/doctrine passed here.

  76. Arkansas here.

    Like: Concealed carry is easy to obtain

    Dislike: The wording of the laws regarding defending yourself with a firearm. Specifically, that you have duty to retreat before using deadly force unless you are inside your house or place of business. Also, you may not use deadly force to defend your property outside your home.

  77. William Avatar


    I do not like the prohibition of carrying in liquor serving establishments. Many of the best places to eat have a liquor license. It’s a pretty small thing compared to where many people live. But I didn’t like the laws where I lived, so I moved to a free state. You can too.

  78. Caleb Young Avatar
    Caleb Young

    I live in North Carolina.

    It is finally legal to leave a gun in a locked car on a campus!!

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      WINNER #2 – Please contact me with your mailing address by Friday.

  79. PAPAGE0RG10 Avatar


    Open carry is legal. Unless you’re in a car. Dumb.

    1. PAPAGE0RG10 Avatar

      Oh… LOVE this book cover, btw.

  80. 1. Virginia
    2. Open carry and State pre-emption

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      WINNER #4 – Please contact me with your mailing address by Friday.

  81. 1. Florida
    2. It gets too damn hot to shoot, tried going shooting with my friend a week ago but had to pack up after four hours, neither of us could take the 92 degree heat with 90% humidity and no shade.
    Florida: Like slowly drowning in burning waters!

  82. 07hemi4me Avatar

    LIKE = for the most part GOOD Gun laws
    DISLIKE = No Open carry

  83. Pennsylvania
    I like the fact that Pennsylvania is for the most part an unrestricted state/shall issue

    What I don’t like is the required FFL transfer for private handgun sales, no autoloading rifles for hunting, as well as a PA-dedicated background check system that gets periodically backed up

  84. Bochain Avatar


    Dislike – 1. Anything over 31 rounds is a machine gun…oh except for 22lr????
    2. Duty to retreat

    Like – otherwise decent laws, SBR and suppressor friendly

  85. the not so great republic of Maryland because i swear we wre owned and controlled bt North korea and they tease us with ccw knowing we cant get them.

  86. Valvatorez Avatar

    I live in California.

    Now, I know its definitely not an excellent state when it comes to gun rights and its definitely not a good one either, but it still has plenty of shooting facilities, full of people who respect firearms and practice the sport.

    And even though I cannot, in the year of our lord 2013, purchase a standard AR-15, I can still own a pre-ban AR from Louisiana, and I can easily remove it’s pre-ban thirty round G.I. magazine with an efficient pre-ban magazine release.

    I cannot, however, carry pre-ban OR post-ban pistols, of which I’d need to wait 30 days to purchase, in a way that it is hidden and snuggling next to my pre-ban testicles without a permit that the Police aren’t totally required to hand off to me.

    It is also fully illegal to have my pistols or testicles visible and out in the open.

    I hope I receive this book, so that I may properly review the hazy hazy details regarding California and concealed firearms, and the hazy hazy details on when I would be allowed to use a pre-ban AR15 on an angry home invader.

    Some people tell me I need to retreat in the furthest room, while others say California has Castle Doctrine and would be cool with it, but I am extremely unsure on what would put me in the slammer in the case I need to send some post-ban bullets in the face of a person most likely about to commit post-ban murder and burglary.

  87. NEW YORK


    I work with police and I’ve yet to ever meet anyone who agrees with anything in the “SAFE” act…

  88. Gharrett Favinger Avatar
    Gharrett Favinger

    Washington, D.C. (Not even a state)

    I dislike pretty much everything about D.C. firearms laws. Even though D.C. v. Heller was decided in 2008, it is still nearly impossible to lawfully possess a pistol in D.C.

  89. California
    My rule of thumb for CA laws, if it’s fun, it’s probably illegal.

  90. I live in the communist state of NJ.

    I don’t know what else to say except we have no constitiutional rights.
    15rnd Limit
    Tough Assault weapons ban
    No grandfathered “pre ban” anything
    Have to get a card to buy longarms
    Have to get a card to buy Ammo
    Have to get yet another permit to buy 1 pistol
    Must get a permit for each pistol
    Approval for permits take months
    Very little public shooting land
    CCW non existent, cannot get one unless you are a judge. (may issue = Won’t issue)

  91. Kansas

    There are no good rifle ranges within a reasonable drive of the suburb in which I live.

  92. Florida. I love the fact that we’re NFA friendly.

  93. The Lone Star State (TX)

    I like the fact I had the choice to kill home invaders gangland style or execution style and the grand jury simply noted my statement of “They needed killin’ ” as a valid reason not to indict.

    God Bless America and all who dwell within America!

  94. treefroggy Avatar

    Maryland – There is nothing good here about guns or shooting other than a target rich environment if the SHTF.

  95. WI

    #49 to CCW and Castle law

  96. During the week I live and work in Maryland. On the weekends I’m back home with my family in Virginia.
    I pretty much hate all of Maryland’s gun laws. That is why I chose not to subject my family to this state. I like the idea of being able to protect ourselves and conceal carry in Virginia. With a 15% increase in sales and 5% drop in violent crime Virginia is the place to be.

    Virginia is for (Freedom) lovers.


  97. I live in Oregon.
    I like my state for its laws because it’s not California, and mostly because concealed carry and open carry are legal here (except in hipster Portland, where you need a CHL to OC).

  98. Kentucky.

    I can’t think of anything I don’t like except there should be no restrictions at all on bearing arms. Kentucky is particularly cool because with a CCW license I can even carry a pretty long fixed knife – it permits more concealed weapons than just pistols. But you aren’t allowed to try to conceal a long gun, not that that would be all that easy. Also their CCW license is good in a lot of other states.

    What I don’t like is I live on the Ohio border and so I often have to keep the Ohio laws in mind as I travel, which are stricter.

  99. Currently I’m living in the great Constitution State of Connecticut.

    What do I like…Well discovering lobster rolls was a plus
    The dislike… Does the fact I have to register my rifles and magazines that are now as a local politico put it, “A Salty” give me reason to hate this tiny shithole state?

    At the very least this book will be helpful for the wife and I to pick our next residence. Summer 2015 cant come fast enough!

  100. Texas

    Like: concealed carry laws are nice, can open carry long guns.

    Dislike: no open carry for handguns, and concealed carry isn’t allowed many places where it should be, like college campuses.

  101. bandroidx Avatar



    Absolutely nothing.


    Just being able to buy a firearm is up to a year long process of filing forms, giving references, and is just a major pain in the ass. CCW is never given away unless you are politcally connected (and REALLY connected), my Utah CCW doesnt work in NJ (of course), you risk going to jail every time you drive to the range because of the ridiculous laws of transportation, the gun stores are all a rip off, a FFL transfer is usually $50-$100 per gun, 15 round mag limit, a Senate and Assembly trying to pass MORE laws, Clinton type AWB even on fucking Semi auto .22lr, you need a permit FOR EVERY handgun, and you can only get 3 max at a time, and they expire in 90 days AND you can only buy 1 handgun a month and its almost impossible to use all 3 permits in the 90 days. An ammo registry (they put your name in a book everytime you buy handgun ammo, rifle coming soon), we have our own NICS check via the state police which was running 1 month at times during the first half the year, i can go on and on.

    Bottom line, if you like guns, don’t ever move to NJ.

  102. Spartan745 Avatar

    State: MI

    Like: Decent weather, up-and-coming city life (west side anyways), CCW is alright, no longer have “michigan pistol” definition (e.g. pistol grip shotgun would have been considered a pistol by such definition, would have to get a purchasing permit for it)

    Dislike: Still banning SBR/SBS but allow full auto (that doesn’t make any sense to me at all), no longer having “michigan pistol” definition (when MI still had it, that meant I could be legally allowed to have a loaded pistol grip shotgun or stockless rifle in my car, if I wanted to), and don’t bother asking me about Detroit…

  103. Mike B. Avatar

    State: PA

    I like the fact we have pretty relaxed firearm laws, instant background checks, CC permits take a day to get, and there are a lot of places to go shooting. What is currently bothering me is that there isn’t a long distance rifle range within an hour’s drive of where I live #firstworldproblems

  104. Oklahoma. Laws not too bad.

  105. West Virginia

    Sen. Joe Manchin *Facepalm

  106. I guess I’m #3 for Georgia. I am born and raised here and have been legally carrying a pistol for a little over a year. I have had rifles and shotguns before that as well. I love most of the gun laws here. Signs have no rule of law, we’re nowhere near as strict on guns in restaurants that serve alcohol where as South Carolina is super up tight about that. You can even carry at a bar here with the owners permission and granted you’re not drinking/drunk. There are several off limits places, but whatever. I am also now a deputy sheriff, so I now qualify for many of the exemptions!

  107. librarian45 Avatar

    1) Virginia
    2) People over 18 but under 21 cannot buy pistols from FFLs or get CCW permits. BUT they can buy a pistol from another VA resident and OC it. just goofy

  108. South Carolina. No carry anywhere alcohol is served is stupid.

  109. Montana

    I don’t like that there is no concealed carry where alcohol is served, not just bars but any establishment that serves. Also if you are convicted, or simply charged, or arrested for a crime (of any kind) the sheriff has the right to ‘hold’ your CWP rendering it invalid.

    While I could understand the reasoning behind not wanting someone to carry while getting intoxicated, or after they have been convicted of certain crimes I don’t think it outweighs the fact that just because an establishment serves alcohol doesn’t mean you are getting intoxicated or even drinking. Also I have a misunderstanding of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ as arrested and charged are not the same as convicted and I am not sure how some crimes would apply to your right to conceal a firearm.

    Hopefully this book will help my understanding.

  110. Mandaloin Avatar

    Arizona. I honestly can’t think of anything I don’t like, this is pretty much firearms heaven.

  111. In Texas, you can’t concealed carry on campuses. As a professor, I want that ability.

  112. PrzFghtr Avatar

    The great state of North Carolina where we just passed restaurant carry to begin Oct 1!

    Now, all we need to do is eliminate handgun purchase permits, like our neighbors to the south. Although they can’t Open Carry, like we can!

  113. I live in Texas and I love how much we’re allowed to protect ourselves and our hard-earned property.

    I dislike how long our CHL class is required to be (changing soon, however) and how tough it is to get the LEO in my area to sign off for NFA items.

  114. VA

    NRA HQ/Range is right down the street.

  115. Chad Bell Avatar
    Chad Bell

    “Vermont carry”

  116. Puerto Rico(U.S Territory):

    I dislike greatly that to get a Concealed Carry permit here, you have to pay a lawyer between $800-$1000 to represent you in Court. You need a minimum of two people from your community to accompany you to Court and swear under oath that you are a good law abiding citizen. Then a Judge decides wether you should be allowed to have a Concealed Carry permit or not.

    For a simple firearm ownership and range shooting permit, you need to pay $350 dollars and submit a crapload of documents. You need to wait 3 months for the local Police do a background check. When your permit finally arrives, you can finally buy a gun, right after the FBI does a background check.

    Meanwhile, crooks get their illegal firearms without any of the hassle. Last year there were 1,000 homicides. All firearms used to commit the crimes were illegal.

    Excesive gun control from the goverment does not help the law abiding citizen against crooks.

  117. busdriver Avatar


    No registration, instant checks with no waiting period, carry permits easy to get, ranges pretty accessible. Not much to dislike really.

  118. JohnTheBaptist Avatar

    North Carolina

    Like: For the most part gun friendly with a pro-gun legislature.

    Dislike: If obtaining a pistol without a CCL, you must have approval from the county sheriff (Originally a Jim Crow law put in place to keep African-Americans from obtaining pistols and was never abolished.)

  119. SSGCasper Avatar

    I’m in Arizona;
    I Like that you can open carry and conceal carry without permits, permission, or paperwork. That they still offer CCW Permits that gives you a little be better options on places you can carry with a permit, that others can’t. (for example restaurants that serve alcohol, as long as you ain’t partaking.)

    There isn’t much to hate about Concealed or Open carry here other than not being able to find .22LR right now for my practice guns. Used to burn 100-300rnds a night of .22 practicing pistol and rifle shooting, now I can’t do that since every ammo hoarder out there snatches up every box on the shelf as soon as they see it…

  120. MinnesOOHta

    No suppressors!
    Also duty to retreat….

    Like: no mag bans (yet)
    We’re a shall issue state

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      WINNER #3 – Please contact me with your mailing address by Friday.

      1. Sent it !
        Thanks! :D

  121. I currently live in GA. The one thing that I like is that Active Duty personnel are allowed to conceal carry in the state with just a .mil ID

  122. Georgia. Pretty great laws. Shall-issue with no class, state preemption, can have anything the feds are cool with. 60 day legislative session has slowed down the most recent pro-gun bill but we’re still slowly getting even better.

  123. Alaska.
    Firearms Freedom Act

  124. top flight Avatar
    top flight

    Nazifornia better know as California
    what I hate most about ca law is that though I’m federally licensed to carry a gun at work I cannot carry one when off duty (security) why is my employers safety more important than mine further more why does obama get sub-machine gun to protect his family but I’m not allowed to carry a pistol to protect mine very strange that were all supposed to be equal be yet his family is safer than mine at all times even though I could provide said protection for my friends and family without anyone knowing untill a sichuation arises when I have to deploy said deffenses but the one thing I do like is nothing ca says what guns I can buy and they charge me 500 bucks if your lucky to apply for a ccw which your not even guaranteed not to mention if your denied your out 500 bucks how is that ok I thought I had the right to bear arms not the privilege to bear arms

    Further more when is someone going to start walking around with some bear arms show these tucks how truely crazy they are for saying it stands for anything but me as an American citizen law abidding at that being able and allowed by birth to carry a firearm if I feel the need or want pursuit of happiness my asa

  125. Oregon –

    likes – everything. you can have full auto you can have AOW. you can conceal carry. no ammo limits/mag restrictions. silencers are all legal. its great.

  126. I’m living in Florida. I don’t like the disparity between what thew law permits with regard to concealed carry of firearms and how law enforcement breathe their own requirements and definitions into the language of the law.

  127. I live in New York. What do I like about our gun laws? Absolutely nothing. The SAFE act is anything but safe. The new restrictions on “assault” weapons are ridiculous and made many of our current weapons illegal. No grandfathering of weapons or clips. No on line ammo purchases. NY has some of the most restrictive laws in the nation.

  128. Dave Root Avatar
    Dave Root

    I live in Kentucky, born and raised in New York, I miss my Family but I’m glad I left, terrible laws and disgusting politicians. It seems when anyone says New York they think of New York City, which is a total liberal/progressive mess. I was born and raised in Rural New York State, a much better place. Kentucky is pretty good, good people and very green. At one time Kentucky was considering “Constitutional Carry” but it’s fallen off the political agenda. Too many liberals have been elected. We need to do better when it’s time to vote again. We all need to get 911 immunity laws. See Alan Corwin.
    Dave Root Master Sergeant United States Army Retired