Ballistic Shield For Operators Only

If you’re an operator you’re going to need these ballistic shields for your rifle when you operate in operations:





Available from X Armament… get them before they sell out! LOL

With the Level III protection flanking your precious face, you’ll pretty much be invincible to incoming fire.  If my calculations are correct (carry the one…. double check… yea they are correct) you’ll basically be able to leisurely stroll into a battlefield and pick off tangos with ease, all without getting a scratch on you.

Nothing says operator like having armor plates on your Ruger 10/22 (1st picture above).  Battles have been fought and won worldwide with that rifle, and will continue to be decades into the future.

I actually posted a Homemade Shielded Weapons System a while back which someone made for fun.  I didn’t think a company would actually start making and selling something similar.

Thoughts? Would operate with?

Hat tip: Dave


22 responses to “Ballistic Shield For Operators Only”

  1. Cover is too mainstream.

    Really though, this seems like it could be of merit if put on a squad machine gun, but I don’t see why they advertise these on rifles that are meant to be light and mobile.

    1. Maybe, in a fixed position. But we already use MG shields that are bigger and better. Soloution to a non problem.

  2. stickfigure Avatar

    They are definately Timothy Dalton proof.

    1. Dale Smith Avatar
      Dale Smith

      Nice 007 reference.

  3. shockfish08 Avatar

    Too heavy and too broad, enough said.

  4. I mean, I don’t wanna get shot in the face……

    1. Matt in FL Avatar
      Matt in FL

      …but it might be preferable to strapping these things on your gun?

      1. You’re right!

  5. COD Operators rejoice.

  6. these would be good on a glock, to stop parts flying back at you when it explodes

  7. AndyHasky Avatar

    I had to back and see if the first gun really was a 10/22, I than proceeded to lol pretty hard

  8. Oh man, I remember Army of Two like it was just yesterday!

  9. Not Stoopid Avatar
    Not Stoopid

    Me like gun look like Dumbo.

  10. So we give up mobility and FOV for limited protection? Wat?

    Now an actual ballistic shield would be cool. This is not that by a long shot.

  11. Best article on any gun blog ever. Officially my new favorite gun blog. I will now look here when I want to know The Truth About Operator Guns.

  12. czbeardly Avatar

    I think these would be smashing on my laptop, so that I can protect myself from coworkers with stupid questions when I operate my internets to imgur to search for catpictures.

  13. You know a product is -really good- when they use a rifle equipped with an NC Star laser in promotional pictures!

    1. Spend the money on an SBR, then put an NCStar laser on it? Operator. As. Fuck.

  14. Ro Grrr Avatar

    I need a set for my LCR

  15. need 2 for my 12-bore..incase them clay pigeons fly towards my face!!!

  16. tristan wiley Avatar
    tristan wiley

    They’re not even the first. There was a company several years ago that make rail mounted shields. They looked exactly like the ones in the army of 2 video game. I wish I would’ve bought one.