Pompous Stroll Downrange To Prove Trust Confidence And Control

THE GAUNTLET!  Wow… just wow:

And I thought putting stationary photographers downrange was ridiculousthis guy is WALKING AROUND in front of the shooting line while they are shooting, with rounds whizzing past his head!  These guys operate too hard… I would have tapped out long before that test.

0:42 – “For many recruits, this drill is to extreme and they drop out of training.” –  Uhhhh… they were probably like “So you mean to tell me we are shooting next to our instructors head JUST BECAUSE?… you guys are retarded, this wasn’t in the brochure”

I’m looking forward to seeing if the comments on this post are like the other ones I did on people downrange… A lot of commenters saying they would leave the premises, but surprisingly others claiming it’s perfectly safe.

DerpI would use the Buck Yeager Approved picture, but I’m not even sure he would approve of something so asinine.


Hat tip: Van


37 responses to “Pompous Stroll Downrange To Prove Trust Confidence And Control”

  1. Was it just me or has the shooter (shown at 0:11 and 0:21) done a little bit of wee?

    1. Don Gwinn Avatar
      Don Gwinn

      Obviously I can’t prove anything, but . . . you are not alone, my brother.

  2. Regulus Avatar

    i wonder how long b4 Cory the pimp and miss piggy start doing this drills? lol

    1. BBJones Avatar

      lol miss piggy

      1. Regulus Avatar

        lol glad someone got it…haha. seen them vids of theirs lately? note to self…all girls gain a few pounds when they have a baby

        1. dave w Avatar

          a few if you are lucky. usually more

        2. Matt in FL Avatar
          Matt in FL

          Yeah, I just watched their video on the P938 from 7/25, and man, she’s a porker…

          Wait, no. Are you out of your damn mind? She looks great. She looked fantastic before, and now she’s pregnant, but she’s wearing it well. Should I ever inflict my spawn upon the world, I should be so lucky that the mother of my child carries it that well.

  3. SittingDown Avatar

    This is just stupid.

  4. librarian45 Avatar

    because contractors totally used 22lr target guns in reverse side holsters.

    1. Sexist too. All the guys shooting Glocks and the one young lady with a 22. Weak, oh and crazy as crap

      1. Or maybe she’s the only one smart enough to realize that it’s easier to miss your idiot instructor with a .22? :)

  5. SittingDown Avatar

    At 00:35, I couldn’t help but think of Spaceballs: “Of course we do, sir.” *grabbing crotches with both hands*

  6. Squirreltactical Avatar

    “Private contracting company” apparently means any idiot willing to risk horrible lawsuits in order to look badass. F* all of these people…

  7. Because real professionals deliberately forget their eye pro on top of their head and appear to not wear ear pro.

  8. croppedxout Avatar

    nothing says “military channel” like a Ruger MK series pistol.

  9. Whoever would claim this is perfectly safe is a fucking dope.

    1. busdriver Avatar

      inb4 Jay Gibson

  10. There are private contracting companies that are competent and “operator.” Then there are guys like this.

    I like how there aren’t even targets. Apparently the goal is to just not shoot the instructor. We have discovered the true lowest common denominator. They aren’t training these guys to shoot hostiles. They’re just training these guys to not shoot friendlies. If you feel the need to specifically train that you probably need a better class or “recruit.”

    1. You beat me to it. They aren’t aiming–they’re dumping mags while watching the instructor and lifting fire when he walks into their lane.

  11. I have no words…………………Wait…… a quote comes to mind…..”THATS FUCKING RETARDED”……….thanks Rob

  12. im just waiting for the damn instructor to get shot….and honestly would only partially blame the shooter, all parties involved are to equally at fault, all this screams negligence

  13. This seems like a crazy martial arts group where the students have unlimited faith in their Sifu/Sensei but, do crazy things that actually work! It’s scary, but even worse is that it seems that they are competant!.

  14. Arms4AllOfUs Avatar


  15. orygunmike Avatar

    Question for the “instructor”: Did the realized benefit of this training activity significantly outweigh any known or perceived risk of that activity? (borrowed from “The Professional Code of Defensive Shooting Instructors”)

  16. 50certs Avatar

    Maybe I’m the only one but I could really care less if that guy is being unsafe. He’s only putting his own life at risk. Plus I think there’s some validity to the drill. People get nervous when shooting around other people. If you can desensitize them to that they will probably shoot better in a stress situation. The more stress you can induce in training the more prepared you will be when lives are on the line. In that regard I could see paying someone to stand in front of me while i was shooting (provided he takes all the blame if something goes wrong.)

  17. And fuck the military channel for even showing this garbage.

  18. What happens to the shooter if they accidentally shoot the instructor? At the least manslaughter charges probably.

  19. Matt in FL Avatar
    Matt in FL

    Well, I suppose it’s true. He is showing that he trusts them.

  20. Technically, there don’t appear to be any of the four rules being violated. Though I do agree with orygunmike, not sure what the benefits of this drill actually are for us average earth dwellers.


    1. Technically, #3 is being violated. There IS no target! They’re just shooting in random directions where the “instructor” isn’t.

  21. JonManGo Avatar

    And then they all fucking died…

  22. Man, those guys can’t shoot! They all MISSED!

  23. Just had a thought…..

    I wonder what that instructor’s reaction would be if he DID get shot? Would he press charges? Can’t you just picture the look on his face when he looks down at the wound and states, “WTF? YOU SHOT ME!”

    1. Unless the bullet gets recovered, how would he know who did it? :D

    2. Beavis Avatar

      Suicide By Student?

  24. SSGCasper Avatar

    I could see a little value, but it is VERY little value, in shooting near other “friendlies” in CQB for advanced operators to build team cohesion and trust. Often you do practice a similar technique called “shift fire” in military exercises, though you typically shift from an area of targets to another away from the advance of friendly forces. Ie forces move in from the left, you shift fire right suppressing the enemy while they advance, but you are not blanketing the friendlies in a circle of lead all around them!

    However I fail to see the value in this “exercise of trust and control” since there is no targets, no objective other than to shift fire as the instructor passes in front of your POA while talking…

  25. I have been an instrocutor and cop for over 20 years

    What an idiot

    He isnt training SEALs although he wished he were probably

    His insurance will be canceled.

    Also if you notice a student draws from a crossdraw and covers the student beside him with the muzzle

    I would leave the range immediately and never return.