Kel-Tek KSG Failgun

MAC bought himself a shitty birthday gift:

OMG from the get go this video was one of the most frustrating things I’ve ever seen.  Internally I was screaming “CHAMBER THE DAMN ROUND KSG! CHAAAAAAAAMBER IT!”.  I’m not an aggressive person but would have whacked that thing hard across a tree almost immediately, and never touched it again.  I don’t have time for bullshit like that.

Kel-Tec-KSG-Bullpup-Shotgun3:46 – Wow that welt from the ejected shells is pretty bad

4:27 – LOL gauze and duct tape tactical fix appears.  Too bad he didn’t have black gauze.

0/10 – Would NOT operate with.



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  1. SittingDown Avatar

    Kel-Tec has some pretty innovative designs. Unfortunately, they have a lot of quality control problems. I still say they need to outsource their production to FNH. ;)

    1. Hard_Harry Avatar

      Or bring in some German production engineers to get the job done right.

      1. SittingDown Avatar

        Maybe they can hire Joerg from The Slingshot Channel. :D

        1. SnJohnson Avatar

          I want to say that he just got a lemon, their products are hit or miss in the QC dept.

          1. shockfish08 Avatar

            They have definitely had a checkered reliability/QC history.

            I LOVE how now all the Kel-Tec haters are coming out of the woodworks after this one video :P Let the trollage begin

            1. Hard_Harry Avatar

              I personally like Kel-Tec, especially their designs of late. Very innovative work i think.

              1. shockfish08 Avatar

                I like the PF9, unnoticeable lil’ concealment pistole which has also had it’s share of teething issues early on in production (now they’ve ironed out the kinks)

                1. derpmaster Avatar

                  I owned a PF9 once and promptly got rid of it. It was good in principle but bad in practice. The trigger sucked, and the barrel was made out of such a cheap material that it had surface rust in several places after 2 months of sitting in a drawer. I must admit it did feed reliably, but the trigger made it so hard to shoot accurately that I wouldn’t be confident with it as a carry piece.

                  1. SittingDown Avatar

                    Nutnfancy probably engraved his autograph on the barrel with a rusty nail. ;)

          2. Matt in FL Avatar
            Matt in FL

            “I want to say that he just got a lemon, their products are hit or miss in the QC dept.”

            I can appreciate that, but you know what? I don’t care. Shit like this just needs to work. I don’t have a whole lot of money, so I can’t afford to drop $4-5-6-1200 on something that has a 50% chance of being a complete pile of shit. Or a 30% chance. Or a 10% chance. Or even a 5% chance.

            And while I’ve heard that Kel-tec is pretty responsive about getting stuff fixed when it doesn’t work, again, I don’t care. I don’t want to dick around sending something back to them once, twice, three times to get it to work right, so that six months later it finally does what it should have done out of the box. Do I get a partial refund at that point for being an unwilling beta-tester guinea pig? I don’t think so.

            This is not specifically a rant against Kel-tec, because nobody should do business like that.

  2. Kel-Tec = shit

  3. Shame that Ruger wasn’t able to buy Kel-Tec a few years back.

  4. What kills me is that (locally) people are asking 1500-1800 for the damn things.

  5. 2Wheels Avatar

    Exactly what I expect from KelTec.

    Great, or at least interesting ideas, but their execution is cheap and half assed.

  6. Dean Deardurff Avatar
    Dean Deardurff

    Hay dumb asses, it looks like it’s your own fault that it keeps failing. Just watching it one can tell. so, learn how to shoot before doing any

    1. Uh oh, looks like a proud Kel-Tec owner is speaking up. Enlighten us, keyboard warrior.

      1. BBJones Avatar

        Duh, it is so obvious. You need to rotate the weapon 32* clockwise while puling the action back, pause for exactly .45 seconds with the action completely open, tap the buttstock, rotate the action 21* counter clockwise throw the action forward using only your index finger, ring finger and thumb, pause .35 seconds before pulling the trigger and it works perfectly every time.

        Idiots just didn’t know what they were doing.

  7. The only melted I’ve ever owned is a Sub2000, and I only bought it because my kids thought it was cool “like a transformer”

  8. I didn’t bother to comment there, but I’d of liked to see him run a different brand of ammo through it. One my home forum, we’ve had many, many reports of pump shotguns not liking cheap ammo.

  9. Dean Deardurff Avatar
    Dean Deardurff

    Matt.. They’d had videos explaining why it fails, and you can see it on this video.. He doesn’t fully pull back and go forward when it does fail… You don’t see that half ass pump action when it fails? I saw it clearly.

    1. curious Avatar

      half ass pump? as far as i am concerned – a shotgun that i bet my life on better be able to cycle shells no matter how i ‘pump’ it.

      so your telling me that in order for this shotgun to work for me – i need to go to the gym and build some extra strength so i can pump it hard enough??? that to me sounds like the gun itself is a cheap piece of poop.

      you go ahead and pump as hard as you want – while someone takes advantage of your misfeed and sticks a knife in you.

      1. “as far as i am concerned – a shotgun that i bet my life on better be able to cycle shells no matter how i ‘pump’ it.”
        Then you better only use automatics and break opens. If you short stroke ANY pump action shotgun it will not cycle.
        That said the KSG is notoriously easy to short stroke, particularly for people who aren’t used to shooting pumps. That’s a pretty big design flaw for shotgun designed to be used under stress.

        1. bandroidx Avatar

          i am a big “MAC” fan but you can tell he is not pumping it with authority when it fails.

          1. maybe “pj is it ?” Can’t pump it hard enough an that’s why he can’t get it to eject ! Lol

        2. Should we go in pj’s short stroke……….naaaaa

      2. David Downs Avatar
        David Downs

        Its so sad when a guy blames his equipment ! It’s a new design I’ve had mine for 2 months an shot about 2 hundreds rds Never had an
        Ejection problem or got an owey because I didn’t know how to hold it……its a new design. Welcome to the 21
        Century an this an’t your
        grandpaws Remington !

  10. When I used to want one my inquiry at my shop of choice said they long since stopped carrying the Kel-Tec brand because of the sheer number of breakages and resulting returns. I guess it wasn’t just a buncha hot air.

  11. maybe it doesn’t like 2 3/4 shells…

  12. Dean Deardurff Avatar
    Dean Deardurff

    go to the gym, or don’t. if your adrenaline isn’t enough then even a gym won’t help you. Don’t buy the gun, if you can’t operate it. It sounds like you shouldn’t be operating any gun. Can you rack an semi auto? Best to stick to revolvers.

    1. AaronY Avatar

      Ok seriously man, it’s pretty obvious your a raving Kel-Tec fan boy. “Go to the gym, man up!” if a pump shotgun can’t work even taking your time racking it, something is fuck up with the GUN not the SHOOTER.

      Either back up your shit with actually evidence, I don’t mean the videos done by hickok45 because that was a T&E gun and I’m pretty sure Ke-Tec made damn sure that one worked, OR nutn”dude the ounces!”fancy because I would not be surprised he sends the guns in for warranty work and they s&r guys are like “OMG!! It’s nutn’s gun! MAKE SURE THIS SHIT WORKS!!” Seeing how every Kel-Tec gun he has gets a raving review…

    2. Adrenaline often exacerbates short-stroking, particularly if the user isn’t familiar with the gun. Not uncommon among hunters who are trying a quick second shot at a bird or mil/leo who were issued a pump with no instruction or training.

      People seem to think pump action shotguns are magic and just function flawlessly. If you short-stroke it (and the KSG is very easy to short-stroke) it won’t fire. The action appears to be binding and stopping him from fully cycling it. Maybe he needs to pump it harder. Maybe it needs breaking in. Or maybe the guns just poorly design and/or built.

  13. “UR doing it wrong!” Whatever. If the KSG is so awesome, let us know when agencies start replacing all their shotguns with it. When it’s no longer a boutique gun, I’ll be a believer.

  14. kel-tecs worked for zimmerman

    1. dave w Avatar

      Hes gonna get such a sweet endorsement deal

      1. That’ll go over as well as when Lon Horiuchi endorsed H-S Precision.

        1. SittingDown Avatar

          *clang* Truth. *swoosh*

  15. As long as Oleg Volk can put scantily clad girls behind a kel tec, they’re going to have buyers.

  16. SonOfTheGriz Avatar

    God… I was hoping to hear “shit filter’s full” halfway through.

  17. He should totally mount a Zip Gun under the barrel.

  18. What’s the difference between a Kel-Tec hater and an Hk hater?

    Hk hater – “They’re too overpriced and over-rated!”

    Kel-Tec hater – “They’re too overpriced, over-rated, and they don’t work!”


  19. Should have stuck with the VEPR.

  20. lucernhammer Avatar

    My daughter bought a new ksg it wouldnt cycle out of either tube period.
    I dont mean hung up or short stroked I mean wouldnt even let go of the shell out of either tube when pumped.
    No matter which side the tube selector was set to.
    She is gonna have to return it before ever actually shooting it .
    You cant get a bigget fail than that.
    Broken right out of the box.
    I Have owned a sub2000 in 40 and I have a plr 16 thats fun and reliable but this? Over 1000$ thrown away on a gun that “may” work eventually?
    That would take a major bend over backwards to make right in my honest opinion.

  21. I got my KSG in August of ’14. I have shot bird shot, buck shot of all sizes, and slugs and it has gone bang every time. I don’t know what the Dude’s deal is with the wrist. I have put a hundred rounds through mine and I cannot remember anything hitting my wrist. Maybe I am doing it wrong.

  22. James Dean Avatar

    Two major flaw by dim witted people at Ketlek:

    1. Go to a local gun store, grab a KSG off the shelf, and lightly slide the pump back…note the distance where it stopped…it stops SHORT. Now, using force, because it is bound up, pull it back as hard as you can until it jumps the nub thing in front of the trigger guard area. Also, when it FINALLY jumps that damn thing, note how the slide release is forced down slightly, because the slide hits that as well.

    Comments about #1 – Who over at Kel-Tek is this stupid, that they allow this design flaw? Worse, how come no one has any intelligence enough to fix it? I don’t get this king of stupidity…it is a VISUAL flaw, and one that can be felt when wracking the slide, which causes misfeeds, and forces people to wrack the hell out of them just to get it to work properly.

    2. They are using some sort of super glue product instead of your typical loctite product. What this means, is that you can’t take the gun apart by any normal means…one has to use an air hammer on the end, with a very special adapter, just to force the nut off. Worse, they use this crap on other bolts as well, making it either near impossible to remove them, or completely damaging them from being used again (can’t get them back together now that they are apart by using massive amounts of force I might add.

    Comments about #2 – Have these idiots taken apart their own guns ever? You would think they had to at least once, but the guy who does it is obviously too stupid to tell the assembly line guys to stop putting this crap on things with threads, which ruins them.

    This company is just too stupid for me to do business with ever again, and although my KSG is now flawless given the mods I made to fix the shortcomings, it is just too much work and hassle.

  23. You good ole boys like some cheese with that whine????????

  24. The KSG is plastic junk. I am a gunsmith and have customized and action tuned a KSG and will never work on one ever again. An old AK found rusted in ice and mud is preferable to the KSG. Don’t rely on this thing for self-defense if you value your life and loved ones. It’s an unreliable range toy at best, prone to catastrophic failure of the forend if not reinforced. The plastic frame flexes and does not secure the internal fire control group reliably. Spend your money on something else.