Laser Gatling Gun – Amplified Assault Light

Where’s a shark to mount this on when you need one?

It’s only a matter of time before the lethality of lasers available to the public increase and the price goes down enough for politicians to start flipping out about them.  I remember those incidents from a few years back when derps were aiming them at helicopters and planes and blinding the pilots.  Thankfully that seemed to stop for now but popping balloons is child’s play… give it some time and the crazies will be doing all sorts of new retarded and disgusting things with this amplified light we call the laser.

Shark-with-laser-on-headDoes the right to keep and bear arms include laser guns?  Pfffft of course it does.  Even high battery capacity gatling assault laser guns.

Lots more laser gun creations over at Laser Gadgets, the guy’s website.



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  1. That there is a pretty fancy cat toy.

  2. Walpurgis Avatar

    I built a laser out of a Mag-light and a broken blu-ray player that would burn wood, and burn thru a plastic cup in seconds. From 100 feet. It was so powerful that you could not turn it on unless you had full goggles on. Splashback from any surface would blind you in milliseconds.

    I crushed it in a press to make sure it was destroyed.

    Took about 20 hours total, (I was slow) and about 50 bucks worth of parts. The plans are on the net if you want to took for them.

    You can blind people from huge distances with something like that, and there is no regulations about it whatsoever. It’s as powerful as you have time and money to make it. (it does have an upper limit, the blu-ray diode isn’t some magical thing)

    1. …soooo, ever thought about making a video tutorial? :D

  3. MakoGroup Avatar

    crazy how it looks like its just a fancy light show but can actually destroy those balloons. I be cuttin bra straps for days for the lolz

  4. Lasers have been used by Russians to blind Canadians and Americans:

  5. Hey mike, I think you should start hat-tipping the sites for art that you use. For instance this one was clearly:

    I know it’s the internet and most people don’t give their sources, but it would be a great thing to start. I’m sure that you would appreciate it when people use your designs.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      99% of the time that’s easier said than done when it comes to pictures. The link you pasted appears to be the legit source for that picture, but Zazzle and CafePress are the scum of the internet / design world so I wouldn’t be surprised if that a rip of off someone else’s original work.

  6. I wonder what would happen if you used that on an idiot that was kicking in your door?

  7. firecapt Avatar

    Sharks have been pretty hard to find, since the Sharknado and all…

  8. Some Dude Avatar
    Some Dude

    The Feds already regulated lasers a couple years ago. You can no longer import or sell them over 5mw.

  9. Nice laser gun you got there!