Homebrew Glock

From the same guy that brought us the epic shit shovel AK-47.


There are tons of pictures and info in the Iron Glock thread over at NorthEastShooters.  The guy even fit his parts inside a Glock airsoft receiver and it worked amazing.

Shooting the iron Glock:

This isn’t the first homebrew glock we have seen, but definitely the most crude looking.  Granted, the one I just linked in the previous sentence did have a completely homebrew upper (slide) as well, which was pretty awesome.

For those that don’t know, the polymer (lower) frame of the Glock is the regulated part.  Funny how in most (all?) states, building your own firearm is perfectly legal, and buying and/or mail Glock slides requires no special paperwork, permits, requirements etc… Just like it were something like a chocolate bar.



10 responses to “Homebrew Glock”

  1. Welcome to Massachusetts. Occasionally the free men that are trapped here still do free things.

  2. PX Frankfurter Man Avatar
    PX Frankfurter Man

    Could… Could I get a Chocolate Glock shipped to my door?

  3. That backstrap looks mighty uncomfortable.

    1. Lolinski Avatar

      Isn’t that the whole point with Glocks?

  4. This is what you get when a Grease Gun buggers a Glock.

  5. Quint Young Avatar
    Quint Young

    I wonder how reliable these are compared to a normal glock. Seems like that exposed spring could be an issue

    1. He solved that by inserting the steel frame into the plastic from a $20 Airsoft pistol

  6. mother fucking amazing. my mind has just been blown.

  7. Spectre Avatar

    Must be tea cupping it in case it comes apart in his hand right?


  8. His rpg clone shotgun is my favorite. The bearpup