Failed Open Carry March On Washington DC

Nothing like videotaping yourself breaking the law and putting it up on YouTube:

That was the Adam Kokesh “March On DC”… yea notice all the people there.  What a huge success hahaha.  That guy gave Yeager such a rough time for not wanting to be involved in that derp-fest and look what happened.

Yeager has a really good video up on the topic:

James-Yeager-Quite-Formidable-ArmyI didn’t think an old guy could grow up… but Yeager really seems to be mature and rational now.  Good for him (bad for the blog :/ haha).

I wonder if the shells Kokesh was loading into the shotgun were even real?  Probably one less felony if they weren’t.  Although “trolling” is definitely a crime of some sort I imagine.


Hat tip: Walt


9 responses to “Failed Open Carry March On Washington DC”

  1. SittingDown Avatar

    Kokesh would look like a young Zangief (from Street Fighter arcade game) if he’d do the Mohawk and tactical arm tape. LOL

  2. Cuban Pete Avatar
    Cuban Pete

    Guess that punk is not familiar with the DC jail over in Southeastr DC by the Congressional Cementary. Let’s just say that boy is of the wrong skin color for that facility.

  3. Beemo Avatar

    Nutnfancy also called for this march and I think he attended :D
    i find it funny

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      Did he destroy people’s knives with his child-like engraving/autographing skills?

      1. Nice one. Haha

  4. jpcmt Avatar

    Yeager suggested that Kokesh was arrested? Anyone know if that’s true?

    1. He did an interview with We Are Change about his arrest and his experience in jail.

      Pretty sure this is the video. You will forgive me if I do not site through it again to verify

  5. fed-up Avatar

    Kokesh and Yeager, neither one worth listening to.

  6. Frank Avatar

    Good for Kokesh if real.