Film Police – Get Cuffed – Get Your Dog Shot

Quite standard :(  The video is graphic.. warning:

This happened in Hawthorne CA.  Even the soothing sounds of Usher doesn’t make it any easier to watch.

Full story – ABC

Leon Rosby, 52, walked his dog too close to the scene and obstructed officers in their duties.

UsherSoooooooo much obstruction *eye roll*.  I will say that I have no doubt that if you’re a police officer it must get pretty damn annoying that every bozo with a cellphone wants to try and catch you slippin.  That said, you signed up for the job, you were not forced into it.   I’m torn on situations like this… first of all I see no reason whatsoever for Leon Rosby to be cuffed.  If it wasn’t for that, the dog would still be alive.  A huge dog like that though is nothing to mess around with.  In the end I think the officer did what he should have by shooting it… again though, totally preventable by not being a dick and cuffing Leon Rosby in the first place.  Too much “We have badges and we can do whatever the hell we want” at play here and in other situations like this. I think the officers should be disciplined heavily for the bullshit “he was obstructing us” accusation. That’s not going to bring Leon’s best friend back, but it’s a small bit of justice I suppose.



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  1. Sivl32 (elvis) Avatar
    Sivl32 (elvis)

    wow, just wow.

  2. Leon Rosby Avatar
    Leon Rosby

    Funny and sadly predictable how the cops are the first to be blamed. Was the guy actively obstructing the officers? No. Did he fail to comply with officers instructions while they were dealing a highly dangerous situation? Yes. That equals obstruction ladies and gentlemen. Wonder what the story would’ve been if that guy had been shot because of the officers failing to clear the area. Or worse yet, one of the two gunmen that the officers were attempting to apprehend, shot and killed them because some joker had to have a soundtrack to accompany his Youtube video.

    I guess people never know unless they’ve work the job. “You signed up for it” is a B.S. statement made to justify scumbag’s actions during an incident. What if I came to McDonalds, threw a #2 with cheese across the place everyday, and made you clean it up while telling you “Hey, you signed up for this job” how would you feel? My actions would be unnecessary and just make your job more difficult.

    The dog being shot is terrible. It was only doing what comes instinctually. I’ve had the unfortunate opportunity to witness a dog (pit-bull) attack an officer during a call. Its not pretty, that officer was severely injured and unable to return to work as a result.

    P.S. While watching the ABC interview with the witness that videoed this terrible incident I almost puked. That J/O smiles through the whole interview. ” I never thought that it would get this viral.” yeah right, you were praying for your 15 minutes of fame.

    1. wait, wait, wait. simply standing off to the side and recording video is “obstruction of justice?” and how do you draw a parallel to doing something actively (in your example, throwing a “#2 with cheese” at someone) with someone doing something comparatively passive?

      if the dude went up to the cops and started messing with them, then sure, I can see an argument for obstruction of justice. I don’t know what the cops said to the guy, but at least it appears that he was being very compliant with their requests. to me that doesn’t seem like an obstruction of justice, but I’m just an expert in bird law.

      i know cops have a difficult job, and while i’m not the type of person to just “bend over and take it” if a cop tries to ream me, it’s easier in the long run to comply with requests at the time rather than make things worse. that’s what I saw here. I presume the cops asked the gentlemen to come over and chat, and perhaps even asked him to “secure” his dog. Which, admittedly, he didn’t really do a good job of…but regardless.

    2. and just to be clear, the cops made the right call shooting the dog. i don’t think they made the right call, though, doing what they did leading up to that.

  3. redwolf Avatar

    I don’t always lurk around police with my camera phone but when I do I always try as hard as I can to irritate the two with MP5s that are securing the street for safety.
    1) Why make it so obvious he was filming? why strut back and forth in your ghetto duckfoot walk trying to grab their attention. The people filming from behind didnt get arrested.
    2) Why not actually secure your 80 lb rottweiler properly and roll up your windows a tad? Oh wait you felt the need to blast your soulful sounds at a disruptive level.
    3) How many run-ins with police does this guy have?
    4) Pretty obvious the police didn’t just drill the dog with an MP5 out of mailce they did wait till the dog lunged at them.
    5) That guy put that dog in the situation he is to blame cops deserve not to get injured while dealing with public “serious physical harm or injury” yep a big dog can do that.
    6) This is just another line stepper who is not happy he doesn’t get his way
    I deal with pitbbulls in North St. Louis and I rescue some dogs on duty I have a rottweiller BOTTOM LINE this guys just another maladjusted product of urban life.

  4. No. Did he fail to comply with officers instructions while they were dealing a highly dangerous situation? Yes. That equals obstruction ladies and gentlemen. — Leon Rosby July 4, 2013 at 03:55 am

    He was no closer than the officers that were cuffing him. The officer that shot the dog had walked back from the scene. I agree there was negligence on both sides, but why go to cuffing the guy immediately for a walk away ticket in most cases?

    1. In those MP5 wielding officer’s shoes, wouldn’t the guy putting the dog up be a courtesy?

  5. I love the badge boys who get a hard on about people being upset and puff their chests out.
    In all honesty, it could have been handled better. But then again from my experience and from training with them, the Cali cops I’ve met have a statist chip on their shoulders. I’ve trained with a handful and I respect none of them.

  6. Predictably cops get blamed because more often then not they do bogus stuff….especially in urban areas.

  7. TheCopsBoss Avatar


    Fuck the cops, this is why their jobs are so dangerous.

    Let me go on over to your house and drop 2 in your dogs face after I cuff your wife….. See how YOU like that shit……
    We know she will

  8. Leon Rosby Avatar
    Leon Rosby

    Well said Redwolf, for all the other “Fuck da POlice” comments: Next time your in trouble call a crackhead and save us the time and aggravation of helping you while you talk shit behind our backs.

    Badge boy with a hard on

    1. Alphonse Avatar

      Just say no to roids!

    2. >Next time your (sic) in trouble call a crackhead

      Or, you know, I could use my CCW and not have to rely on others for my personal protection. Do I appreciate what LEOs do? Of course I do, some are shitheads but I’ve meet plenty of good cops too and they provide invaluable services to the community sometimes. However, I’m not gonna lick your boots and act like you’re holding the fabric of civilization together, and without you I’d be getting cornholed by Jamal. I’ll call you once I deal with the threat so you can take care of the formalities, but don’t expect me to come crying when shit goes south. Thats why I carry

  9. I spent some time as a cop, not on the beat too long mostly CID but during my time I had to fight guys who wanted to stab me, who wanted to shoot me, who wanted to hit me with various things, and those who just wanted to fist fight, I accomodated every one of them. The one thing I was not ever ever going to do is get bit by a dog, fuck that I love dogs and it’s not the dogs fault but once the owner puts the dog in a bad situation and shit goes down it’s on the owner.

  10. SittingDown Avatar

    The dog owner should have kept the windows up higher so the dog couldn’t escape. Irresponsible owner. Rottweilers have some serious biting force.

    1. come off it, the cops obviously didn’t give the guy time to lock his dog up right. They could have stopped and said, “sir, please secure your dog properly by rolling the windows up in your car.” instead they couldn’t wait to slap the cuffs on this guy and jerk him around so that the dog reacted the way that he did.

      He went above and beyond by putting the dog in the car in the first place. it’s obvious that the guy didn’t to get his dog mixed up in this.

      Imagine how the officers would have reacted if he have gotten in and put his key in the ignition to roll the windows up. It was obvious to anyone that these guys were on a power trip, they might have shot the car up if he’d done that.

      Even after all of those fuck ups the police could have let the guy go for a minute, let the dog calm down and get put away properly, but no, some dickhead had to shoot him to prove how big his dick was.

      Piss poor job, do us a favor and find another line of work.

  11. MakoGroup Avatar

    Fuck that guy and his dog. If he didn’t want to get hemmed up he should have minded his own business. Not stroll back and forth screaming “where da black cops at!?” He was trying to distract the officers from securing the perimeter. Whatever happened after he decided to throw his thug tantrum is on him. Great job by the officers involved.

    1. Alphonse Avatar

      Yes! Lick that badge!

  12. Not ENDO Avatar
    Not ENDO

    Dismissed and stripped of certification for filing a false report, breech of integrity, and impersonating a human.

  13. lighttech Avatar

    first off guys
    go get “real” info then “go off”

    first and most of this just conveniently is not on video
    he parked his car in the middle of the street –then was told to move it and turn down the music –he did one of the 2 kinda (aka illegal parked) –he was then told again to turn it down (not on tape or heard) — he then puts dog back in car without making sure it can’t get out –(leash law) –and music was still loud ( after he was told once) –then they started to interact with him –then on another vid –not posted here but the news depts of many here have seen it –that one cop tried hard to get the dog under control– but the neighbors (out of this shot and hearing) egged the dog on and got it riled up and the owner–that’s when it went all down hill

    lets not even mention that this guy has many times been in legal trouble with the local police and is looking for lawsuits at this time –so he was there “looking” for more trouble

  14. John Smith Avatar
    John Smith

    Ugh normally I come here for some funny… not ignorant comments

    >Soooooooo much obstruction *eye roll*.
    >first of all I see no reason whatsoever for Leon Rosby to be cuffed.
    He parked illegally, was violating noise ordnance and approaching an open crime scene. The police were trying to talk to someone hold up in a house, and they where having trouble communicating. Definitely a reason to be detained for a bit (he probably wouldn’t have been arrested and let go if he agreed to leave or at least stop putting peoples lives in danger).

    >[If he wasn’t cuffed] If it wasn’t for that, the dog would still be alive.
    If he didn’t do all of the above and put himself in that situation his dog would be alive… go to the root cause of this not the excuse to blame the police.

    >In the end I think the officer did what he should have by shooting it… again though, totally preventable by not being a dick and cuffing Leon Rosby in the first place.
    Again totally preventable if Leon Rosby wasn’t actively being a dick and actually breaking laws and putting others in danger.

    >Too much “We have badges and we can do whatever the hell we want” at play here and in other situations like this.
    Unfortunately this attitude comes from years of being treated like shit by the public and having them all think the way you do, that the police are “out to get you”. Normally when new officers start they genuinely want to help and become jaded because the public at large treats them like they think “We have badges and we can do whatever the hell we want.”

    1. Do you know why people treat cops like shit? Because they act like shit.

  15. It’s easy to watch this and have an emotional reaction, but there is more than meets the eye here…

    Why would you show up on the scene of a standoff stemming from an armed robbery, and start blaring R&B while walking up on the perimeter like that?

    It’s hard to tell from this POV, but appears as if he’s making loud comments the whole time he’s videoing…

    Could it be, maybe… just maybe, he’s trying to troll the cops into arresting him? It appears as if he gets multiple warnings to back away, to which he responds w/ shouting something about a civil rights violation, puts his dog in his car, and proceeds to walk up on the officers. I could be wrong, but it looked like he had ample opportunity to beat sand and back off the scene.

    News agencies are reporting he’s got a vendetta on Hawthorne PD, as he’s already unsuccessfully attempted to file a suit for a civil rights violation before.

    I hate that the guys dog got killed over this, but I’m having a hard time seeing that it happened for any other reason than his own stupidity and trolling…

  16. hydepark Avatar

    If I were that guy I would simply bide my time, be calm and collected, and then one day years from now show up to the house of the officer that shot my dog and then spend a few hours torturing and killing him.

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      Torturing and murdering a human over the shooting of a dog?

    2. Hooray for Internet tough guys…

      Might wanna dig a little deeper before taking a story like this at face value, bro.

  17. DoubleTap Avatar

    That basically ruined my day…….

  18. Rjackparis Avatar

    huurrr mah dawg, hurrrr muh freedoms

    if you saw the full video, the guy was asking for it. blasting music, parking like a moron, getting out and walking about. not securing his ” beloved” dog. I’d just as easily put two in the dogs head if it came at me like that. ( either way the dog is fucked attacking a person unprovoked is usually grounds for getting put to sleep)

  19. SittingDown Avatar

    The interview of the dog owner

    1. Matt in FL Avatar
      Matt in FL

      Unless that video is of the owner saying that he’s realized that he’s an incredible douchebag, and it’s his fault the dog is dead, and then offing himself on camera, I don’t really see any point in wasting my time listening to him.

      1. SittingDown Avatar

        The interview just shows the dog owner is a moron. Further confirmation. Saying they killed a member of your family when you left the windows down and animal unsecured made me realize how stupid this dog owner really is.

  20. santi Avatar

    I don’t think the police officer was in the wrong for doing what he did but man it sucks the pup was killed. It really was the dog owners negligence.

  21. Nakedgun Avatar

    It stinks that the dog was shot; it was only trying to protect its owner as they tend to do…

    The Officer made several attempts to scare the dog away/control it, until the dog jumped-up and tried to bite him. That’s when it became lethal-force necessary.

    If that dog had jumped out the window and attacked someone else, the owner would have been liable for not securing the dog.

    I’d say that I don’t believe there are Officers that go to work everyday hoping to shoot dogs, but all you haters would angrily disagree; the robots are turned-on everyday to inflict damage on the populace, right?

  22. Hard to tell from just this video whether the guy deserved to be detained or not. I do feel that the office was right in shooting the dog. there were brief attempts to back off from the dog and see if the it calmed down, but once the dog attempted to bite the office then the shooting appears to be “right”. I hate that fact that it happened but can not blame the officer for the shooting.

  23. Brotha secured his bitch, but not quite. He decided to get arrested by the po-po, but then left the windows down so his crazy ass Rottweiler could get out to attack 5-0. Man, that is the Trayvon Plan. Bring a dog to a gun fight. Niggas just got to fuck with the G-man. ’cause we gotz to be realz in da hood.

  24. You know, if you are in the public, high profile, you can’t stop people from filming you. They can see you after all. It seems ridiculous to arrest someone who is filming you on a public street. As far as the noise, again, they are in public in the middle of the street. The police don’t get to arrest a whole neighborhood when they serve a warrant on a single house.

    It seems like a bit of overreaction from the cops.

    However, if you’ve ever been to LA, and seem how many people are there, how large those high crime areas are you realize that the police there are greatly outnumbered. That probably contributes to the their aggressiveness when dealing with any criminal behavior. I’m not saying it’s right, but I can understand how they would think that way.

  25. Matt in FL Avatar
    Matt in FL

    Although it brought tears to my eyes to see that dog writhing in pain, I don’t fault the cops, either for arresting him or for shooting the dog. Often you hear stories of a cop shooting a dog on its first approach, simply because it was barking or whatnot. These officers did not do that. Despite the barking, and snarling, and what looked like at least one snap, they didn’t fire until, it looked like, one officer reached for his collar or leash to try to control him. The dog jumped and snapped, and then they fired. Not the dog’s fault, and not really the cops’ fault, as it looked like they tried to avoid it. Definitely 100% the douchebag owner’s fault.

  26. Elmer Avatar

    Cops suck. They shot my dog(boxer) 5 yrs. ago. All because some prick with a badge though he was getting attacked. He had no injuries at all, not even a scratch. My dog simply got excited, as he always did when i would clean my guns and handle them, because Billy Bad Ass drew his pistol. Believe me, I remember the officers name and some day he will pay for it. He was shot 1 time, broadside.

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      You just basically admitted you failed to teach your dog to act properly around firearms and then you blame and threaten the cop?

    2. BBJones Avatar

      Yah man. I totally agree with you. That damn pig should have waited until your dog mauled him to shoot. I mean atleast 3-4 bites. Well 1 bite if it was in his throat, but anywhere else 3-4 bites atleast. I mean all that is in those damn pig training manuals. Its right after the part of not shooting people until atleast 5 shots have been directed at you or atleast one strikes you or another officer.

      Stupid PoPo didn’t remember the training.

  27. Elmer Avatar

    Im quite sure my dog understood the 4 rules of firearms safety more than yourself……dick…..go sit down

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      Fail. ;)

  28. dave w Avatar

    Im pretty sure they have dog targets at the police ranges thesedays

  29. Saxon Avatar

    Granted, this owner appears to be a grade A douchebag, but can police just use a stun gun on a dog? pepper spray or other non-lethal options? They certainly had time to arm themselves with non-lethal options.

    1. BBJones Avatar

      Totally. So obvious what they should have done in those 8 seconds of chaos.

      Now tell me what Tom Brady should have done to win Super Bowl XLII.

    2. SittingDown Avatar

      Hokey sprays and ancient electrically charged objects are not match for a good blaster at your side, kid. -Hans Solo (edited for relevance)

  30. Turn the sound up. He had his radio blasting and was haranguing the cops about being racists for trying to arrest an armed robbery suspect who had barricaded himself in a house. The guy routinely shows up at arrest scenes just to harass cops who dare to arrest black people.